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Clear Bug Shields

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EGR Superguard Bug Shield
EGR Superguard Bug Shield
From:  $57.56  $71.95
Lund Interceptor Bug Shield
Lund Interceptor Bug Shield
From:  $84.59  $93.99
Wade Platinum Bug Shields
Wade Platinum Bug Shields
Only:  $73.95  
Wade Ultraguard Bug Shields
Wade Ultraguard Bug Shields
From:  $57.99  

Clear Bug Shields

If you want to protect your windshield from bugs, dirt, and debris with some stylish opacity, then our clear bug shields are the accessory for you! Whether you drive a truck, car, or sports utility vehicle, we have what you need to keep rocks from chipping your windshield and hordes of flying insects from splattering across your hood. Everything you see here also ships free in the lower 48 states. We do what we can to always deliver more than just what's expected.

At their most basic level, clear bug shields do essentially what their name would imply. That, of course, is keep bugs from blindly smashing themselves straight onto your hood and into your windshield. They're probably more afraid of you than you are of them, of course, but who actually wants a mess of dead insects caking the front end of their truck? Not us, and probably not anyone else we want to talk to or hang out with either. Not that we judge, just think dead bugs are a weird thing to be into, unless you're a scientist or a biologist. Are we wrong?

Anyway! Clear bug deflectors can also keep rocks and other debris that can get kicked up off the road from hitting your windshield. Auto glass is tough stuff, but not always tough enough to resist being chipped from even the smallest of stones. A small investment upfront with an accessory such as this can help avoid more major expenses later on.

Features and Benefits
The clear bug shields we offer are aerodynamically designed to send debris flying over and above your windshield. That helps to keep your automotive glass safe and in one piece. These clear bug deflectors are made from impact resistant and UV protected acrylic that won't easily scratch. They are also backed by generous manufacturer warranties for added peace of mind and so you can shop with confidence.

Enhanced Style
Any well designed accessory can add to the style of your pickup, and clear bug shields are certainly no exception. In addition to keeping your truck looking great by keeping things that are potentially gross or damaging away from your hood and windshield, they also just look pretty cool in their own right. We firmly believe that if you're going to put anything on your truck, it may as well look good, or else what's the point?

Easy Installation
Mounting a clearbug deflectorto your truck's front end is easy and can be done successfully at home without needing professional assistance. With a little bit of time in the garage and a mild amount of elbow grease, you'll be feeling like a do it yourself expert in no time while admiring how much more awesome your truck looks. It's okay though if you want to tell your friends that it was super hard. You've got a reputation to maintain as a truck customization expert!

Why Shop
We work hard every day to be more than just another company that sells truck accessories online. We want to always make sure that your time spent on our site and with our staff is the best that it can possibly be. Our uniqueGuiding Principleshelp set us apart and keep us pushing ourselves to continuously improve on what we do. The end result is an exceptional shopping experience with competitive prices, great selection, and one of the bestcustomer serviceteams around.

Need help or have questions? Give us a call toll-free at 877-216-5446! We love getting to know our customers, and we want to make sure you're able to get the assistance you need.