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Smoke Bug Shields

Smoke Bug Shields

Smoke bug shields are the most popular type of bug deflector on the market today. There are dozens or reasons why, but the main one is for protection. Smoke bug deflectors keep bugs off the hood of your vehicle and create and updraft when you’re driving down the road forcing insects up and over the windshield of your car, truck, van, sport utility vehicle, and even your crossover. Read More

21 Products

21 Products
Is it any wonder why bug shields are one of the top selling items at Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 states might have something to do with it. An unbeatable manufacturer's warranty from brands like Auto Ventshade, Stampede, and Weathertech may be part of the equation as well!

Features and Benefits
In addition to providing the some of the best protection for your vehicle’s hood and windshield, smoke bug shields are made to last. Constructed from heavy duty acrylic and tested plastic components, these hood deflectors are impact resistant and flexible. They’re made to withstand high wind velocities and well as minor road debris like dirt, small rocks, snow, ice chips, and other highway grit.
RealTruck ships all our smoke bug deflectors absolutely free. Because they come in one continuous piece, custom made to fit the year, make, and model of your vehicle, you know you’re getting an auto accessory with an OE look and style.

Style for Miles
Smoke, also known as black, dark smoke, grey, and dark smoke, is probably the easiest finish style to match on your truck or car. Because a dark black / smoke color with match with nearly any accessory you choose to add to your vehicle at a later date. It also does a great job of enhancing and matching whatever color your ride is sporting at the time. The seamless fit to your hood’s contours gives it that original equipment feel. That’s important when matching to your truck or SUV’s grille.

One of the best ways to look good is to get a quality brand backing your ride. RealTruck offers the best smoke hood deflectors from names like Auto Ventshade, Stampede, WeatherTech, and ProMaxx. All give you unbeatable warranties and when you couple that with our ridiculously cool and awesome customer service team, you have a winning combination even the Olympic US Basketball Dream Team from 1992 couldn't beat. (Yeah... we totally went there!)

Installation is a Breeze
When we say custom fit, we mean it. Installation is simple. Most applications are no-drill, bolt-on or tape on installations. Some choice few require a combination of both. Bottom line? You can do this by yourself within 20 minutes or less. Smoke bug shields are lightweight, easy to attach to your hood and simple to install.

We Won’t Bug You!
We’re here to help you out if you need it. Give us a call at 877-216-5446 if you’d like help picking out the best smoke hood deflector for your vehicle. We have tons of experience with this topic, by golly. Living in the Midwest has taught us a thing or two about getting mosquitos off the windshield. A bug shield certainly changed the lives or our Customer Service Team Members!

Still bugged about how bug deflectors work? Check out our Bug Shield Research Guide.