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US Flag Bug Shields

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US Flag Bug Shields

Patriotism is a matter of pride and how you show it. RealTruck offers some of the best US Flag bug shields for the best prices online. Made to fit your truck, SUV, or CUV with 100% custom fit accuracy, these United States Flag bug deflectors are a perfect OE fit and ship free to anyone in the lower 48 states.
Choose from the typical flag design, flag with military insignia, or even a flag with a bald eagle design included. We’ve got options to set you apart from the crowd! You’ll make a statement that’ll even have Uncle Sam pointing and saying, “I want your vehicle!”

Features and Benefits
US Flag bug shields are made to deflect insects from your hood and windshield. They do this in two ways. One in obvious, the acrylic construction stands firm from the front of your hood and lets bugs meet their doom directly as you are driving down the highway.

The second way US Flag bug deflectors protect your ride is by creating an updraft. When you drive faster, the hood deflector essential ‘deflects’ air up and over your hood and windshield. This means less bugs on your windshield and less scrubbing for you during the summer months!

United States Flag bug deflectors are made from heavy duty acrylic and are ultra-violet resistant. That means the design doesn’t crack or fade over time. An important feature to think about when purchasing a summer item for your truck, car, van, or SUV!

A True American Look
There’s two ways a bug shield like this could turn out - incredibly cheesy and odd looking or reverent and unique. RealTruck has made it a point to only stock American Flag bug deflectors that we felt looked good out of the box as well as on your vehicle.

Having several design options for you to choose from was also a goal of ours. That’s why we’re proud to offer the original, bald eagle, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and even POW-MIA options for you to order.

More Gear Than What You See Here
Want to find other things with a patriotic flair? Check out the Military / Patriotic section of our website. We offer everything form US Flag tailgate nets to Military insignia rugs. And if you can't find something you're desperately looking for, give us a call at 877-216-5446, we're happy to track it down for you!

Installation is DIY
We sell a lot of these US flag hood shields. One of the main reasons why is because they are so easy to install on your own. Almost all vehicle models are no-drill, bolt-on applications. Which means you pop open your hood, grab your easy to handle, light weight, custom fit bug shield, and attach it to the underside of your hood.

Drop down your hood and you’re ready to hit the road. You’ll be calling your friends telling them to look out the window within a hour!

American Born and Bred
Did you know that the 4th of July is celebration time at RealTruck.com! We have a huge picnic with lots of fun and games for the kids (a few games for the adults too). After eating until we can barely move, we all head to the races to watch our CEO try to beat the competition with his A-Mod beast. It’s a tradition.

Just like our unbeatable customer service is a tradition. Over 15 years and counting now. Call us at 877-216-5446 for more information on US Flag bug shields or if you want to order by phone instead of online. We’re ready to take your call. We’re also happy to take any game suggestions for next year’s picnic!

For advanced reading, check out the Bug Shield Research Guide.