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Rubber Cargo Liners

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Highland Custom Cargo Liner
Highland Custom Cargo Liner
From:  $63.99  

Rubber Cargo Liners

Rubber cargo liners let you forget about worrying about scrapes from hockey bags, dirt from messy equipment or shoes, and all that other debris that normally would get to your cargo area carpeting. They have a textured surface to catch messes that easily cleans up with a damp rag. Buy today to get free shipping on any purchase.

We’ve seen it. There are permanent scrapes from yanking out heavy tools, dirt stains from last week’s camping trip, and the groceries you hope won’t spill (but your lower jaw clenching back to the side says they could). Probably spot treating dirt and wondering what in the heck to do with leaking meat juice is the last thing you want to do at the end of a trip. It is for us! That’s why we carry rubber cargo liners. It’s crazy to believe that the main element in these liners once came from the sap of a rubber tree. But, here they are completely transformed into pliable and enduring cargo liners. They come in a number of brands and colors; so go ahead and pick your favorite!