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Chevy Equinox Accessories

Chevy Equinox Accessories

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From:  $44.99  $49.99
WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners
From:  $74.95  
From:  $71.99  $79.99
Curt Class III Trailer Hitch
Curt Class III Trailer Hitch
From:  $67.82  $79.79
Weathertech All Weather Floor Mats
WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mats
From:  $44.95  
WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors
WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors
From:  $55.00  
DashMat Original Dash Covers
DashMat Original Dash Covers
From:  $38.69  $42.99
Lund Catch-It Carpet Floor Mats
Lund Catch-It Carpet Floor Mats
From:  $75.19  $93.99
TFP Chrome Mirror Covers
TFP Mirror Covers
From:  $35.95  
Draw-Tite Class II Trailer Hitch
Draw-Tite Class II Trailer Hitch
From:  $103.49  $114.99
Ionic 3" Black Nerf Bars
Ionic 3" Black Nerf Bars
Only:  $119.99  $171.41
Aries StyleGuard Floor Liners
Aries StyleGuard Floor Liners
From:  $42.39  $52.99
Avery's Touring Floor Mats
Avery's Touring Floor Mats
From:  $35.99  
Curt T-Connector Wiring Kits
Curt T-Connector Wiring Harness
From:  $12.46  $13.85
Avery's Grand Touring Floor Mats
From:  $39.95  
Draw-Tite Class III Trailer Hitch
Draw-Tite Class III Trailer Hitch
From:  $75.59  $83.99

Chevy Equinox Accessories

Those who opt for crossover vehicles know they’re opting for the best of both worlds between a sporty car and a capable sports utility vehicle. Equinox owners in particular know their vehicles pack a lot of great features. The only way to make one of these sweet rides even better is with a solid investment in some awesome Chevy Equinox accessories. stocks a full supply of aftermarket product just to suit your Equinox, and they all ship to your door for free (as long as your door is somewhere in the lower 48 states).

Features And Benefits
Summing up all the great features and benefits that come with outfitting your vehicle with our fine Chevy Equinox accessories is no small task, but we think we’re up to it. Every product we stock comes from manufacturers that we trust and that we know makes quality accessories. There’s no room in our stock for products that can’t pass muster, so you know that anything you buy from us is going to be worth your time and money.

When looking for accessories to purchase, it’s worth asking yourself what you use your vehicle for and determining which types of products would best help you get more use and enjoyment out of your vehicle. You’ve invested a lot of money in what you drive, and it’s worth putting in what you need to in order to get the most out of it.

Most everyone can benefit from floor mats to keep the carpets clean, particularly if you have kids. Simple things like air intakes and oil filters can help improve performance and fuel efficiency. Basic car care accessories are great for aiding in taking care of the general upkeep of your vehicle as well. Nerf bars and running boards are essential for boosting your vehicle’s accessibility, while exhausts and mufflers can give you more power, more torque, and an improved exhaust note.

These are just a handful of the options we have available for you here. If you have any questions about anything here at all, definitely give us a call!

Enhanced Style
You know your Equinox is a slick looking vehicle with a sharp, modern design. However, you aren’t satisfied with the status quo. If you’re looking to go beyond the stock look of your vehicle, then you’ve come to the right place. Armed with our wide array of Chevrolet Equinox accessories, you’ll be able to get just the sort of awesome aesthetics you want for your crossover utility vehicle.

In fact, we have some sweet accessories to help get the style you want for both your vehicle’s interior and exterior alike. Custom gauges and dash covers can lend a more stylized look to your dashboard, while our chrome and billet accessories are perfect for adding more flash to your ride’s look.

These are just a few ideas of many you could go with, but no matter what kind of accessory upgrades you make, one thing is absolutely certain. What’s that, you ask? You’re going to like how your vehicle looks, and so will the plethora of onlookers gawking as you book it down the road.

Handy Chevy Equinox Information
GM first rolled out the Equinox from the show floor onto the streets of America in 2005 in response to rising demand for smaller crossover sports utility vehicles. It has remained a top choice in the automotive market place ever since and has already moved onto its second generation following a redesign in 2010. Small changes were made to improve the interior and a wider array of engine options were made available. Drivability and interior amenities are superior here, and for the used vehicle shopper, all years of this vehicle are worthy of consideration.

Why Shop
We strive to be more than just another online store selling auto accessories online. Thanks to our Guiding Principles, we’re always pushing ourselves each and every day to improve every aspect of how we do business. That extends down to the smallest details, like which products we choose to carry, how easy our site is to navigate, and finding ways to always Deliver More to our customers and vendors we work with.

We’ve been around since 1998, and in that time, we’ve learned what it takes to provide exceptional customer service. That’s why we’ve taken a lot of care to put together the best customer service team we possibly can. They’re smart, knowledgeable, and there’s nothing they can’t help out with.

If you have any need at all to contact us, we make doing so easy. Call us at 877-216-5446, write us an e-mail, send a postcard via snail mail from the vacation you went on to Cancun last summer, or talk to us on our online chat system. We’ll make sure your concerns are promptly addressed and we won’t rest until we’ve got everything taken care of!

We can't condone what's going on with this Equinox in an icy park, but we will share it for everyone's amusement: