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Sales & Service Hours

Sales & Service Hours

Customer Service

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Core Values

Our Mission is simple - to revolutionize the truck accessories industry through a focus on innovation, inspiration, and unmatched service. We do this by instilling our core values. These are the fundamentals we strive to live by.


The goal for our culture here at RealTruck is to merge our personal values with work values. Oftentimes we found that we were one person with a set of ideals and core values in our personal life, and then a completely different person when it came to business, and we really didn't want to work under those types of parameters.

So our ultimate goal at RealTruck is to create an environment that allows you to be you at work.

Our Core Values


When change comes, welcome it. When it doesn't, make it happen. Be flexible to whatever challenge presents itself.

Be Real

Be genuine with everyone, communicating without the intent to deceive or manipulate. Challenge yourself and others to be open and honest while being respectful and considerate.

Create Joy

Build a positive environment that promotes fun and happiness.


Make positive contributions to your family, your community, and this company. Act with humility making sure that you lead by example.


Maximize your given gifts and potential. Strive to improve through reading, taking risks and mentoring others.


Place other's needs in front of your own including fellow employees, customers, and our partners.


Do what you do best, use your strengths to excel in everything you do.

The core values are about trying to improve the RealTruck experience. Believe it or not, the direct goal of our core values was not to increase sales but to enhance and make better the user experience for people who shop on, our partners who interact with us, and for our employees. We feel that with these core values, the rest would take care of itself, and thankfully throughout the years that has certainly proven to be true.

RealTruck in the Wild


We've created an environment we're very proud of and a set of core values that we're very happy to live by. It shows in our sales, service, environment, employees and in everything we do.

Our Culture in Action