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Our Mission is simple - to make peoples lives and vehicles better. We do this by practicing our guiding principles. These are the fundamentals we strive to live by.


The goal for our culture here at RealTruck is to merge our personal values with work values. Oftentimes we found that we were one person with a set of ideals and guiding principles in our personal life, and then a completely different person when it came to business, and we really didn't want to work under those types of parameters.

So our ultimate goal at RealTruck is to create an environment that allows you to be you at work.

Our Guiding Principles

Deliver More #DeliverMore

Delivering more means going beyond what is asked of you to make any aspect of life better. This can mean fulfilling an unrecognized need, enriching the environment through what you say or do, and having a sincere drive to pursue more than what is expected of you.

Transparency Rocks #TransparencyRocks

To be transparent, you must be genuine, clear with your intentions and thoughts, and mindful that communication is a two way street. Challenge yourself and others to be open and honest while being respectful and considerate.

Improve #Improve

Improve is about being proactive. This means not only embracing change, but also questioning the status quo and seeking new opportunities to learn and drive innovation.

Take Risks #TakeRisks

The essence of take risks is moving outside of your comfort zone. Push yourself to try new things, propose new ideas, take initiative, and embrace failure as a learning experience to move forward.

Include Fun #IncludeFun

Including fun in your work is a great way to enhance your day and stay productive. It involves letting your uniqueness shine through and creating ways to make your surroundings more enjoyable.

Be Humble #BeHumble

To be humble is setting aside your pride to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, be grateful, and to ask for help when needed. When humble, you help others succeed and believe no job is beneath you.

The guiding principles are about trying to improve the RealTruck experience, believe it or not, the direct goal of them was not to increase sales, we wanted to increase and make better the user experience for people who shop on, for our partners who interact with us and for our employees. And we felt if we could make all of those better, the rest of the stuff would take care of itself, and thankfully, after a couple years, that's certainly proven to be true.

RealTruck in the Wild


Sales come we think, once you get your own house in order, and we've created an environment we're very proud of and an ethic that we're very happy to live by. It shows in our sales and our environment, the by-product, if you will, of trying to practice these guiding principles.

Our Culture in Action