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> Vehicle Questions

Vehicle Questions



Vehicle Questions

  1. Q: What is the track system? How do I know if I have that?

    A: This is another name for a cargo management system. It is a secondary rail that runs along the inside of a truck bed and underneath the bed rails, from the bulkhead to the tailgate. It is generally a factory upgrade and is used primarily for managing, tying down, and securing cargo. Our tonneau (truck-bed cover) manufacturers make special clamps to work with truck beds equipped with cargo-management systems, ultimately (in most cases) providing customer two options: "with" or "without" cargo-management rails. If your truck is upgraded with a cargo-management rail system you will want to choose "with" cargo management. If it is not, please choose the "without" cargo management option.


    Different manufacturers use different names for the cargo-management system. For example:

    • Dodge − Utility Rail System
    • Nissan − Utili-Track System
    • Toyota − Deck Rail System
    • Chevy − Track System


  2. Q: What is the difference between New Body and Classic?

    A: The easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the tailgate. A classic body style will typically have the vehicle emblem in the lower right hand corner. The new body style will have the vehicle emblem in the center of the tailgate. Still have questions? Contact one of our customer loyalty specialists and they will love to help you figure it out!



  3. Q: How can I tell what size cab I have?

    A: Believe it or not, it really depends on the number of doors that you have, and their configuration. Take a look at our Truck Cab Styles Resource Guide for help selecting your vehicle's cab size.



  4. Q: How do I measure my truck bed?

    A: The bed size on our website refers to the length from the cab window to the tailgate. The easiest way to measure is to stand at the back of your truck, open your tailgate, and slide the measuring tape to the front of the box. Keep the tape flat on the floor of the box. Measure from the front of the box to the place where the tailgate starts. (Do not include the length of the tailgate in the measurement).


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  5. Q: I'm not sure if I can install my item. Can you help?

    A: On most of our products, there is an install tab that explains the installation process, and - if we have the information - includes whether drilling or two-person installation is required. A lot of our items also have an installation video on the product page. If you still need help with installation, please give us a call, and we can put you in touch with the manufacturer's tech-support department for help.



  6. Q: Do you have any resources for me to use in helping to select a product?

    A: Yes! We have many resource guides available. If a resource guide exists for a particular product line (for example a tonneau covers guide, or a hitches guide) you will find it on the product line's page, beneath the matrix of product displayed. You can also call us or live chat with us for a personal recommendation, and we also offer customer reviews on our products. There is an enhanced review tab on each product that you can select to learn about other customers' experiences with the item.



  7. Q: Do you carry replacement parts?

    A: We do offer a limited selection of replacement parts for items that we sell. If you are unable to locate a replacement part, please contact us as we can facilitate a return or warranty request for you.


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