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DashMat Velour Dash Covers
DashMat Velour Dash Covers
Only:  $44.09  $48.99
DashMat Original Dash Covers
DashMat Original Dash Covers
Only:  $45.85  $50.95
DashMat Suede Dash Covers
DashMat Suede Dash Covers
Only:  $48.59  $53.99


The DashMat design team, who currently resides in Arizona, has over 5o years experience with making quality products at affordable prices. The original idea for the DashMat came from a guy over 50 years ago in Arizona. He kept seeing cars around town that had towels on the dash to protect against the suns damaging effects and incredible glare.
He started to design the perfect combination of texture, insulation and latex. Since then the DashMat has been protecting car, truck and suv dashboards. Manufactured by Covercraft.