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Vision X Driving Lights

Use Vision X driving lights for trusted nighttime illumination. Each unit is available in a wide array of sizes and provides a plethora of light. From small to large off-road lights and light bars, you will get long-lasting, bright light on every ride.
Vision X is an award-winning company with a reputation for continuous innovation and producing dependable, high-quality products. This stems from their mentality of listening to consumer feedback and fearlessly re-evaluating their designs and materials. Because of this, Vision X driving lights are trusted across the board from everyday vehicles to off-road racers and even NASA.
Our customers find Vision X to be a rewarding investment, whether it be from a small, yet powerful 9” spot light to a whopping 54” light bar. We carry both HID and LED Vision X driving lights. The HID lights are around three times as bright as old-school halogen lights. They also have more durability than a halogen light because of they do not have a fragile tungsten filament that can be damaged. LEDs have their positives too. For starters, these bright lights have over 50,000 of life, making LED replacement a rare occurrence. Another feature we appreciate is their low amp draw, which means less power drainage from your vehicle.
All Vision X automotive lights are easy to install and come with a warranty. The Vision X HID driving lights come with an extended limited lifetime warranty for HID lights. Meanwhile, Vision X LED driving lights come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. In addition, all styles come with free shipping and proven quality for dependable performance.