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Electric Running Boards

Up, tuck, and away! Electric Power Running Boards are the answer to your minimalist style challenge. How do you get that sleek look on your truck or SUV, yet still manage to install a side step board that can handle your daily needs of getting in and out of your vehicle's cab? RealTruck carries a couple of running boards that can give you the rugged step function you desire when you need it, then with the use of electricity to the board, tucks away when you don't. Don't forget, when you order from us you get free shipping.

Features and Benefits
Powered step boards are easy to use. Open the door and they lower to meet your feet. Close the door and they automatically tuck back up under your truck or sport utility vehicle out of sight. It’s a great upgrade for those who don’t necessarily want a beefy running board or bar look.

Electric Running Boards on a TruckEngineers at AMP Research and Bestop (both widely trusted name brands in the aftermarket accessory industry) have manufactured powered running boards that can both function properly after repeated use and still look good. The entire purpose of a side step board is to provide a safe gripping area for your to step in and out of your high clearance vehicle without having to throw out your back to do it. Electric running boards allow you to do this and keep a tight, sleek look by moving up and away after you close your vehicle’s doors.

Made from extruded aluminum and anodized steel parts, these power running boards are automatically corrosion resistant and made rugged to withstand the daily rigors you put them through. And when we say their corrosion resistant, we’re also referring to the fact that they’re weatherproof. They have to be with all the electrical components making them move in and out from underneath the carriage of your vehicle.

We’ve tested and retested these electric running boards. Our brands guarantee a 600lb load step capacity, function in all weather and temperature conditions, as well as lowering and raising within seconds. Everything you’ve come to expect from a quality powered step you’ll find right here at RealTruck.com!

Style with Function
This is probably one of the coolest upgrades we sell. It’s literally function with style like a cherry on top. Electric running boards are fast making a dent in the market because people are recognizing the fact that their vehicle’s personality is all about how they look. And if you want a minimalistic look, these boards are for you.

The fact that power running boards automatically lower when your door opens being completely cool is beside the point. Or is it? It’s a little sci-fi when you think about it, but the truck is responding to your needs. Whether the engine is running or not, it knows you want to in the cab. You’re certain to turn a few heads with these running boards!

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