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4" Exhaust Systems

Does your truck seem a little down in the dumps lately? That’s probably because it wishes it had one of these 4” exhausts to boost its horsepower, give it some added torque, improve its fuel efficiency, and give it an awesome roaring tone. Browse our full selection from all the best vendors in the industry, and when you’re ready to order, the hardest question to answer will be how many to buy. Every order ships free to anywhere in the continental United States, so feel free to load up that cart! Not that we want to push you into making irresponsible financial decisions.
We’re just really excited about these accessories and want to get as many of them to you as quickly as we can.

Features And Benefits
What can a 4” exhaust system do for your truck? A better question might be what can’t they do? Well, they can’t mow your lawn, or do the dishes, or help save you money on your car insurance. They can, however, dramatically improve your truck’s tone, give it an increase in horsepower, and help save you money on gas. We think those things are pretty cool, even if they can’t help make food products instantly cold like the reverse microwave we’ve been secretly working on.

We all know gas prices are high these days, and anything that can help save money at the pump is an absolute godsend. Our 4" exhaust systems can slowly but surely pay itself off by improving your truck’s fuel efficiency. More miles per gallon equals less trips to the gas station and more money that stays in your pocket. For an individual vehicle owner, that can be a big help for your personal bank account, and if you’re looking at upgrading a fleet of work vehicles, it can mean a reduced cost in doing business.We'd also recommend taking a peek at our Gas Saving Products Research Guide!

Having an extra boost in power can also make life easier if you use your pickup to a lot of hauling or towing. If you live at a high elevation and often find your vehicle struggling a little to climb steep roads, the extra power added by a performance 4” exhaust system can help you out there too. If you like ripping it up off road or in the deepest, swampiest mud bogs around, they can also give you the push you need to keep from getting stuck.

Enhanced Style
Customizing your truck is all about giving it your own unique sense of style. We’re truck people through and through, and this is something we totally understand. That’s why we offer our 4” exhaust systems in a variety of styles, whether you prefer a single or dual exhaust system, or you’re looking to add a mellow tone or an earth shattering roar to your vehicle.

The style enhances don't have to stop there though! To fully trick out your ride, take a look at our bug shields, fender flares, bumpers, and chrome and billet accessories.

Unmatched Customer Service
We believe it was Vince Lombardi who once said, “RealTruck’s customer service team is totally the bomb!” Actually, we may have made that up, but the sentiment is still totally true. We’ve worked hard to assemble a crack team of amazing truck enthusiasts who are all passionate about making the world an easier, awesomer (sometimes we like to make up words) place for truck owners all across the country.

If you need any help picking out which accessories are best for you and your truck, or if you have concerns about an order you’ve placed, then by all means drop us a line or give us a call toll-free at 877-216-5446! We’re always super excited to talk to our customers, and are committed to making sure your shopping experience with us is the best it can possibly be.

Still with us? Awesome! For your patience, here's a pretty cool video back from the 2011 SEMA Show!