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MBRP XP Series Exhaust System
From:  $199.99  
MBRP Pro Series Exhaust System
MBRP Pro Series Exhaust System
From:  $304.99  
MBRP Black Series Exhaust System
MBRP Black Series Exhaust System
From:  $279.99  
MBRP Performance Smokers Diesel Truck Stacks
MBRP Smokers Truck Stacks
From:  $303.78  

MBRP Exhaust Systems

Awesome tone, cash-saving fuel efficiency, and a better functioning, better looking truck. These are all the things you get and more with all of the MBRP exhaust systems you see here. Take a look through our selection, and when you’re ready to order, be sure to keep in mind that shipping to the lower 48 states is completely free.
We also offer hassle-free returns and awesome customer service so you can shop worry free, too.

MBRP Exhaust Styles

Pro Series - Top of the line MBRP exhaust system. Constructed of the highest grade, T304 stainless steel, these systems are going to outlast your truck. To prove it, these kits are backed by a no-hassle lifetime warranty.

XP Series - Get all the power and sound of the Pro Series, but with a slightly lower quality T409 stainless steel. This system is backed by a limited lifetime workmanship warranty, but that warranty doesn't cover surface rust that may develop.

Installer Series - Same tubing and styling of the the XP and Pro Series, but this system is constructed of a 16 gauge heavy-duty aluminized steel. If you live an area without a ton of snow and ice (aka salt), this kit is going to do the trick. It might not shine like a Pro Series or XP Series exahust, but it's going to growl like one. MBRP backs these kits with a three year workmanship warrant.

Black Series - Going for the blacked out look on your truck? This is the kit for you. The exhaust sound and performance that you'd expect from a MBRP exhaust, but wrapped in blacked. These kits are coated in a high-heat durable black coating, and are constructed of aluminized steel. There's a one year warranty on the black coating, and a three year workmanship warranty.

SLM Series - This is top exhaust of the entry level options form MBRP. SLM stands for Stainless Less-Muffler which means it has the great qualities of a stainless steel system with less corrosion, and the loud, free flowing properties of a muffler delete. This will be geared toward diesel engines with mandrel bends and no exhaust tip so you can customize it with your own choosing.

PLM Series - This stands for Performance Less-Muffler and is next in the entry level options. It has the same great qualities as the SLM exhaust system and comes at a lower price since it is made of aluminized steel instead of stainless steel. This will also be free flowing and aggressively loud while you can still customize it with your own tip since one is not included.

Performance Series - The performance series muffler is an entry level exhaust system with a smaller MBRP muffler geared toward gas and diesel trucks. It shares all of the features of the PLM series exhaust plus the added muffler. It's constructed of aluminized steel and no tip is included so it can be customized by you.

MBRP Features And Benefits

MBRP exhaust systems are among the best on the market today. They feature straight forward bolt-on installation, which means less time spent tinkering with your truck and more time spent tearing it up with your pickup. With gas and diesel exhaust options available for a wide range of truck makes and models, there is sure to be a model perfect for your vehicle and what you’re looking for. You’ve also got a choice between aluminum or stainless steel, as well as a black finish option on certain models.

Beyond that, installing one of our MBRP exhaust systems in your truck can also work wonders for improving its torque, boosting horsepower, and giving it a classier, more even tone. It’s sure to be a hit at your next dinner party, and by that, we mean it’s going to sound wicked awesome when you’re ripping it up in the mud, taking care of business on the job, or flying over the Grand Canyon on a homemade ramp.

Enhanced Style

If there’s anything we have to say about MBRP exhaust systems, it’s that they’re kind of a show stealer. Once you have one of these on your truck, it can take a little while to get used to all the extra attention you’ll be getting. Look forward to hearing a lot of things like, “Hey, that’s a pretty cool truck attached to that MBRP performance exhaust you have there.” We don’t know how to explain it, but somehow, everything else plays second fiddle to these things.

Unbeatable Customer Care

We’re on a mission every day to help make life a little easier for truck owners by stocking only the best accessories around at the lowest possible prices. We also want to make your shopping experience as easy as can be by ensuring our site is easy to navigate, offering hassle-free returns, and staffing the greatest team of customer service folk the industry has ever seen. Seriously, we’ll do whatever it takes to guarantee your satisfaction in working with us. Need a question answered? We’re on it. How’s about help processing a return? No problem. Yeti got into your backyard somehow? Let us handle it. We live in North Dakota and we aren’t scared of anything.

No matter what the issue may be, we’re always on the ball and ready to help. Just give us a call at 877-216-5446 and make sure you get taken care of right!