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FirstTrax Home Series Snow Plows

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Product Information
Our Price: $2,849.99 - $3,024.99
Sale Price: $2,422.49 - $2,571.24
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  4.3 (8 reviews)
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      • 3 plow sizes to choose from
      • Custom mount kit is included
      • Reliable hydraulic lift/ lower system
      • Easy to manually angle left or right
      • Power angling option available
      • Hot-dipped galvanized components are extremely durable
      • Thick trip springs maintain performance on rough terrain
      • Includes skid shoes and blade markers
      • Optional snow deflector sold separately
      • Adjustable wheels make detaching & storing plow easy
      • Plow blade comes pre-assembled and ready to install


      Shoveling snow in the winter can be ruthlessly cold, hard on your back, and downright uncomfortable. Stop shoveling and get yourself a top quality personal hydraulic snow plow at a reasonably low cost to you. FirstTrax Home Series snow plows make keeping your driveway clean all winter long simple and easy.

      FirstTrax does an outstanding job in constructing their personal snowplows. They use a steel blade and powder coat it with industrial grade paint so you get years of service without rust or corrosion. A bright yellow finish looks sharp and adds visibility going down the road. All other plow components are then galvanized to keep the parts looking new for many seasons to come.

      Home Series snow plows are easy to use with a hydraulic lift system and you can also choose to have a simple manual angling system or a hydraulic one. A floating knuckle and self leveling plate relieve stress on the snow plow and prevents bending and distortion of the blade. The wired remote control is straightforward with simple to use controls. The vehicle specific mounting brackets bolt up directly to the frame and are hidden to keep your truck looking great when the personal snowplow is not attached.

      This great truck snow plow is packed with features. You have 3 different blade sizes to choose from – 80" x 19", 85" x 20", or 90" x 21". The fully assembled kit includes a galvanized scraper blade, rubber snow deflector, heavy duty skid shoes, and bright red blade markers. Handy adjustable wheels attached right to the plow make the snowplow easy to maneuver when attaching or detaching from your truck as well as for summer storage.

      Stop the backbreaking and cold work of shoveling snow and get your truck outfitted with a FirstTrax Home Series snow plow! You will be able to sip coffee and clean off your driveway at the same time!

      PLOW MODELS 6'8" 7'1" 7'6"
      Blade Width 80" 85" 90"
      Blade Height 19" 20" 21"
      Blade Material Steel Steel Steel
      Weight 275 lbs 280 lbs 285 lbs
      Trip Springs Yes Yes Yes
      Cutting Edge Material Steel Steel Steel
      Attachment System Custom Mount Brackets Custom Mount Brackets Custom Mount Brackets
      Lift System Hydraulic Motor Hydraulic Motor Hydraulic Motor
      Angling System 2 Position Manual Angling (Optional Hydraulic Angling is Available) 2 Position Manual Angling (Optional Hydraulic Angling is Available) 2 Position Manual Angling (Optional Hydraulic Angling is Available)
      In-Cab Control Wired Hand Held Controller Wired Hand Held Controller Wired Hand Held Controller
      Blade Markers Yes Yes Yes
      Snow Deflector No No No
      Skid Shoes Yes Yes Yes
      Light Kit Optional Optional Optional
      Wings (Box Ends) No No No
      Pre-Assembled Yes Yes Yes
      Finish Yellow Powder Coat with Hot-Dipped Galvanized Frame Yellow Powder Coat with Hot-Dipped Galvanized Frame Yellow Powder Coat with Hot-Dipped Galvanized Frame
      Storage Attached Wheels for Easy Storage Attached Wheels for Easy Storage Attached Wheels for Easy Storage
      Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year


      Order Notes

      Non-returnable product FirstTrax snow plows are seasonal and made to order. Custom built "made to order" products are non-returnable except in the case of warranty. If you have any questions or need help ordering, please call 877-216-5446.

      Firsttrax snow plows work best with 8"-16" of clearance from the bottom of your receiver hitch to the ground. Please contact us if you are unsure if the Firsttrax is right for your vehicle.

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      Frequently Asked Questions


      Q: Can I drive on the road with my snowplow attached to my truck/SUV?

      A: To drive on the road with your snowplow attached, most provinces and states require the installation of a light kit with turn signals, and it must be fully operational while on the road.

      Depending on the year and model of you vehicle, you may need additional components to install this feature. We suggest you have a trained technician wire in the plugs supplied at your local dealer. A safety chain is also required, which will not allow the plow to fall off the front of the truck. Always consult your local regulatory agency for their particular requirements.

      Note: Driving at highway speeds with the plow attached is NOT recommended as it may cause your engine to overheat.

      Q: Is an actuator or hydraulic lift system better than using a winch mechanism?

      A: Yes, an actuator or hydraulic system offers a more reliable, repetitive-use mechanism than winches, which are typically known for acting up or burning out.

      Q: Why is FirstTrax’s finish superior to other brands?

      A: The hot dipped galvanize coating we apply is an extremely tough finish which doesn’t seem to mind too much about getting roughed up a little. We all know we’re pushing around a lot more than just fluffy snowflakes when clearing a path. Gravel, salt and who knows what other abrasive items are lurking below that white blanket of snow.

      No, our product isn’t clear coated for that out of the box one day shine or tested at the salt water spa like our competitors, sorry no useless marketing schemes here.

      Our hot dip galvanizing provides consistency. Our snowplows will look great the first year and the next, and the next…and the…well, you get the picture.



      The FirstTrax Home Series snow plow is easy to install at home with no drilling, cutting, or welding required. All mount brackets are custom designed for a bolt-on installation and a precise fit. An example of how your snow plow installation instructions is below for you to look over. The mount installation instructions will be specific for your vehicle. For additional information or if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-216-5446 or 701-253-5906.

      PDF Icon firsttrax-snow-plow-owners-manual

      1 Year Warranty

      FirstTrax offers a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials for the original end user. The warranty offered is limited to the replacement or repair at the manufacturer’s facility, or at a point pre-approved by the manufacturer to service and repair the product if defect is found. The warranty is void if alterations have been made to the original product, or for equipment misused, neglected or improperly installed.

      FirstTrax plows reserves the right to improve any product through changes in design or materials. FirstTrax is not obligated to present or incorporate such changes in products previous manufactured. A copy of your original receipt must be forwarded when sending parts for warranty work. Expenses which have been incurred by the buyer without approval or authorization by FirstTrax will not be accepted or reimbursed.


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      Product Reviews Summary

      Price / Value
      Ease of Installation
      8  Customer Reviews
      5 Star
      4 Star
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      1 Star
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      Okay for the money
      Part #: FSP-96801/FSP-84117 Posted on
      Was this review helpful?
      - 2000 Jeep Wrangler (Petoskey, MI)
      Price / Value
      Ease of Installation
      Unit is pretty good quality, but I bent the frame upon the first use when the blade caught a rut. I had to weld in new metal bracing for reinforcement, and it has worked fine since. Front skin dents easily. Remember this is "home" plow, not for any commercial use. There is about a one amp draw even when the switch is in neutral position. I had to add cut off relay. I also reworked the light kit wiring w/relays etc. If you get it, be aware that it comes with a four-pin flat trailer connector. That's how it powers the turn signals and headlamps. I re-did mine to have high/low beams and running and turn signals. P.S. Real Truck was great to work with for a dealership.
      Great plow
      Part #: FSP-96801/FSP-86625 Posted on
      Was this review helpful?
      - 2015 Nissan Titan (Bay Shore, NY)
      Price / Value
      Ease of Installation
      It took a little while to get the correct brackets for the mount. But plow worked great. Just do not leave the controler connected it will run your battery down. Customer service at real truck and fast track snow plows was awsome. Would absolutely get this plow again
      Needs a few updates in design
      Part #: FSP-96801/FSP-84121 Posted on
      Was this review helpful?
      - 2006 Jeep Liberty (Ogdensburg, NY)
      Price / Value
      Ease of Installation
      I would buy this plow again
      Does what it's supposed to do
      Part #: FSP-96801/FSP-84134 Posted on
      Was this review helpful?
      - 2003 Dodge Durango (Peotone, IL)
      Price / Value
      Ease of Installation
      Manufacturer had back ordered plow and took 2 months to receive. Plow takes a little longer to install than the mentioned 2 hour timeline mentioned.Plow has worked great so far and came through our last blizzard here with flying colors. Only complaints are I received the plow with one of the storage wheels not working properly. I was able to pull it out, but it would not go back in and have it currently tied off to keep it from flopping around. The second issue was one of the hydraulic side sift cylinders had a small leak at a fitting. I had emailed the manufacturer about the problems per their directions in their manual, but have not had any response from them back. I have since been able to tighten the fitting resolving the leak issue myself, but still have the storage wheel problem to resolve. For the money I paid, it would be nice to at least get some kind of response from the manufacturer!
      Well designed and fabricated
      Part #: FSP-97851/FSP-84134 Posted on
      Was this review helpful?
      - Dodge Dakota (Colfax, WI)
      Price / Value
      Ease of Installation
      I found this plow to fit my Dakota as promised with great alignment and ease in assembly. Solid design for what I needed. Great value for the money spent.
      Great plow few problems
      Part #: FSP-96801/FSP-85121 Posted on
      Was this review helpful?
      - 2010 Toyota Tacoma (Essex, MA)
      Price / Value
      Ease of Installation
      The plow took a little over a month to arrive. There were items 3 items missing. The control box, the battery connector and the side markers. The box looked like it may have been opened in shipping so I'm not sure who's was at fault. Realtruck was very helpful contacting the manufacturer to get the parts replaced. First Trax sent the markers and the control box but neglected the power cord. It took a second set of calls and shipping before I received all the parts. This brought the wait up to 6 weeks before I finally was able to install the plow. Installation was a bit tricky. First of all, there was a bracket on the frame that was in the way and had to be removed. The second problem was the directions called for inserting a round spacer tube into a square hole in the frame. The spacer tube was to wide for the hole. I called the manufacturer and they said "people have had luck using a hammer". I tried with no luck. The tube was to big and the work space was to tight. (between the radiator and front grill) So the plow is now on the truck and working great. I had to shovel my long driveway 6 times during this saga but I am now looking forward to the next storm.
      Great Plow
      Part #: FSP-97801/FSP-85105 Posted on
      Was this review helpful?
      - 1995 Toyota 4Runner (Kansas City, MO)
      Price / Value
      Ease of Installation
      Purchased and shipping was easy. Plow is awesome. Have had two other commercial plows that weren't even close to the quality put into this one. The hot galvanizing is a great design opposed to the powder coating rust bucket plows I've had. There has been a lot of thought put into the design. The install of the mount was 1,2,3 and done in 30 min. with my wife handing me tools. All in all you can't miss with this one!
      Part #: FSP-96851 Posted on
      Was this review helpful?
      - 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 (Simsbury, CT)
      Price / Value
      Ease of Installation
      PERFECT FOR A RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAY. A little awkward to angle due to the conversion capability to hydraulic angling. The pump is very powerful, lifts the plow in a split second. I priced a low priced name brand plow at 4200 dollars. A bit much for one driveway.