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> Custom vs Universal Fit Floor Mats

Custom vs Universal Fit Floor Mats

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Custom fit, semi-custom fit, and universal fit floor mats all provide your vehicle with a high level of protection, yet their specific size and the way they mold to your floor is what sets them apart. This guide will explore the differences between custom fit, universal fit, and semi-custom fit floor mats and help you decide which fit is right for you.

Image of Semi-Custom, Custom, and Universal Floor Mats
Semi-Custom - Custom - Universal

Custom Fit Floor Liners

Custom fit floor mats and floor liners offer the highest degree of protection for your vehicle's floor. Since their introduction to the market, custom floor liners have become a popular aftermarket accessory item.

Specific to your vehicle’s year, make, and model, custom fit floor mats, and floor liners often feature a molded fit, raised edges, and door-to-door floor coverage, ensuring that every corner of your vehicle's floor is protected. Because the outer edges of custom mats and liners are raised lips, debris and liquids spilled into your vehicle are trapped. Custom mats and liners also feature raised ridges with specialized patterns that channel moisture and water away from where your feet rest, keeping you dry and your floor protected.

Semi-Custom Fit Floor Mats

Semi-custom floor mats are very similar to custom mats and liners, yet allow for some wiggle room with fitment. Some vehicles on the road may be older or aren’t popular enough to warrant a custom molded floor mat for liner production. This is where semi-custom mats come into play. Typically specific to a certain year, make, and model of vehicle, these mats allow a purchaser to trim a little off to ensure a better fit. Their fitment will be close to that of custom-molded mats but with small gaps here and there. Semi-custom mats are still considered a superior product that offers a higher level of floor protection than factory floor mats and have a more affordable price tag than custom mats or liners. 

Universal Fit Floor Mats

Universal floor mats provide excellent coverage and superior protection over factory mats. Universal floor mats come in rubber, vinyl, and heavy duty carpet options. These mats often require trimming to reach the desired fit within a vehicle. They are a great option if you want to add more style and personalization to your vehicle’s interior but on a budget. The universal fit allows for more color options, personalization, car brand logos, and even sport’s team logos. While custom and semi-custom liners are more durable and rugged, universal floor mats are an affordable way to add a little more protection and style to your vehicle's floor.