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> Floor Mats vs Floor Liners

Floor Mats vs Floor Liners

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We know that both floor mats and floor liners are used to protect your vehicle’s floor from messes that would otherwise ruin your truck's original carpet. Because they both serve to guard your vehicle's factory flooring, oftentimes “floor mats” and “floor liners” are used interchangeably but there are subtle differences between them.

Image of a Floor Liner and Floor Mat
Floor Liner - Floor Mat


Floor Mats

These are the poster-child of vehicle floor protection. Simply put, floor mats are a flat piece of material that is cut to fit the shape of your vehicle floor. They are commonly made of carpet, rubber, or vinyl. Installation is simple; just lay them down. As a plus, floor mats tend to be more affordable than floor liners as their generic shape make production simpler. However, they still do a great job at catching spills and taking on the grind and grime from everyday use.


Floor Liners

When adding floor protection to one's vehicle many people prefer a set of floor liners. Sometimes referred to as custom molded floor mats, floor liners differ from traditional floor mats in that they are molded to match the curvature of your vehicle floor. They are meant to cover and contour to every nook and cranny of your foot wells to provide ultimate protection. Raised edges that typically extend up along the arch of the floor serve to protect your carpet from mud, sand, dirt, snow and various other liquids by preventing them from pouring over the edges. Floor liners provide customized protection from anything you may drag into your truck and have become a very popular choice thanks to their precise fit and finish.