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> Rubber vs Carpet Floor Mats

Rubber vs Carpet Floor Mats

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Floor mats are a necessity, but should you choose a carpet or rubber liner? What is the difference between rubber floor liners and carpet mats? It is important to know the differences between each one and how each type of mat will hold up over time and suit your needs and style.

Image of Carpet and Rubber Floor Mats


Rubber Floor Mats

 Rubber floor mats, or all weather floor mats as they are sometimes known, are generally made from a durable rubber material. The name of this material differs from one manufacturer to another, but the goal remains the same: to protect vehicle flooring. Rubber floor mats generally come in three main colors including black, grey, and tan, but some brands do offer additional colors. Most manufacturers produce their rubber floor mats with raised ridges or diamond patterns to help channel water, snow, mud, or any other liquids away from where your feet normally rest. This helps keep your feet dry and protected. 

Rubber floor mats come in custom, semi-custom, and universal fits. Generally, custom and semi-custom fit rubber floor mats have raised outer lips. While this may not seem like a big deal, it’s a valuable feature that keeps dirt, mud, sand, snow, and liquids from spilling over onto your vehicle’s floor and ruining your carpet.

Clean-up is a breeze with rubber floor mats as you can remove the mats entirely and spray them off with a hose or wash them with soapy water. You can also wipe them down with a washcloth for smaller messes.

Carpet Floor Mats

 Carpet floor mats are a cheaper and common alternative to rubber floor liners. These are what most people receive when they purchase a brand new vehicle. Carpet floor mats also come in universal, custom, and semi-custom fits, which means you can still get full coverage for your vehicle's floor and retain the carpeted look and feel.

Carpet floor mats come in multiple colors and styles, including traditional black, grey, and tan. You can purchase mats with sports team logos to show your pride, represent your truck make and model, or even personalize the mats with your name.

Cleaning carpet floor mats is very similar to cleaning the carpet in your home, though mats can handle more than what average household carpet can. Vacuuming and using carpet-approved cleaners are recommended. Unlike rubber floor mats, you shouldn't just take a hose to them. Frequent cleaning and a little more care are needed to ensure that your carpeted floor mats last long and look great.

In the end, both rubber and carpet floor mats will keep your vehicle floor protected. If you’re looking for a cheaper option or one that retains the original look and feel of your vehicle, then carpet floor mats may interest you. However, they may not be the best fit for somehow who frequently gets dirty or has a rougher lifestyle. Rubber mats will typically cost a little more, but they’re the best option for anyone who is tough on their truck.