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Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System 17233

Product Information
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Dual Rear Exit
American Thunder Series
Pipe: 3" Aluminized Steel | 3" Stainless Tips w/Logo
1986-1991 Chevy Camaro 5.0L V8, w/ 3" Flanged Catalytic Converter
1986-1991 Chevy Camaro 5.7L V8, w/ 3" Flanged Catalytic Converter
  • Includes 80 Series Crossflow Muffler
  • Exhaust system will produce a moderate tone
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Ships Feb 27th - Mar 1st


  • Single or dual exhausts available
  • Dyno proven performance gains
  • Mandrel bent tubing allows for better exhuast flow
  • Multiple Flowmaster Series Exhuast available - pick the one perfect for you
  • Complete exhaust system kits
  • Available in stainless steel, aluminum, and black-coated stainless steel
  • Made in the USA - Santa Rosa, CA

Flowmaster Exhaust System Series

  • American Thunder - Aggressive tone
  • Force II - Mild tone systems
  • Outlaw Series - Most agressive tone
  • dBX - Mild to moderate tone

Exhaust System Types

  • Cat Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the catalytic converter to the rear bumper
  • Axle Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the rear axle to the rear bumper
  • Header Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the headers to the rear bumper
  • Turbo Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the turbo to the rear bumper (diesel applications only)
  • Downpipe Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the turbo downpipe to the rear bumper (diesel applications only)
  • DPF Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the diesel particulate filter to the rear bumper (diesel applications only)

Exhaust Tone Examples:


Let's face it you love your truck or muscle car and you want it to be noticed and running at its best. Flowmaster exhaust systems are one of the best out there with a great sound and power enhancing performance.

Everyone wants their exhaust to sound great, but first things first – it has to boost your engine's performance. Flowmaster exhaust systems are going to allow your engine to more easily emit exhaust fumes by optimizing the travel from engine to tip. Reduce back-pressure and you boost power. Boost power and you go faster – that's what Einstein said.

How does Flowmaster create such great sound from their exhaust kits you ask? The sound is created by a muffler that is manufactured for not just that great "Flowmaster Sound" but for optimal power and mileage. Taking the time to select each muffler, resonator, tube size for each vehicle and then dyno tested and proven Flowmaster really shows pride and care in their work. Each performance exhaust system is paired specifically with a muffler to create a mild, moderate or aggressive tone level.

You can choose from aluminized steel or upgrade to a polished stainless steel exhaust kit. Each truck and car exhaust system is mandrel bent for an even flow and exit. Flowmaster exhaust systems come complete with muffler(s), hangers, clamps and tip(s) for easier installation.

Customize your car, truck or SUV the way you want with applications offering a single or dual exit exhaust kit. You can even go further and select side exit, dual side exit, rear exit or dual rear exit for a true personalized style.

Flowmaster exhaust systems are easily recognizable with their unique sound that everybody will turn their head to look your way. Get yours today and not only get that great tone but also improve your power, torque and fun!

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Flowmaster exhuast systems can be installed right at home, if you've got the right tools and equipment. All orders include installation instructions, and those are also available on our website. Welding may be required on some exhaust systems. For additional information please call our customer service team at 1-877-216-5446.

PDF Icon Flowmaster 17233 Installation Instructions

Lifetime Warranty SS / 3 Year Warranty Aluminum

Flowmaster is offering a lifetime limited warranty on their stainless steel exhaust systems and a 3 year limited warranty on the aluminized steel exhausts. The warranty protects you against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. If you have any questions please call our customer service team at 1-877-216-5446.


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