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Dee Zee Front Bed Caps

Trucks were made to do work, and work can take a toll on the finish of your truck. That’s where our Dee Zee front bed caps can help come to the rescue and protect the bed of your truck from nicks, dents, dings, scratches, and nuclear apocalypse. Okay, so maybe we exaggerated on that last one, but they are built to last.
We also ship every product you see here for free to anywhere in the continental United States. That goes for everything else we sell on our site as well. Some people might call us crazy for that, but we just plain don't like charging our customers for shipping, and that's the way it's going to be!

Features And Benefits
We’re secretly working on a novel starring a pair of Dee Zee front bed caps that have come to life and are on a mission to protect the beds of trucks everywhere from disaster. Okay, so we’re actually not working on that story (…or are we?), but these accessories are an excellent way to keep the edges of your pickup’s cargo area looking as good as new!

Part of what makes Dee Zee front bed caps so great is they’re made from super strong, corrosion resistant aluminum that’s made to take a beating so your truck doesn’t have to. They’re also easy to install on your own, so you won’t have to pay an auto body shop to help get them on your vehicle so long as you’re able to do a small amount of simple drilling. What makes them even better is they’re manufactured right in the heart of the American Midwest in Des Moines, Iowa, with 90% of all their manufacturing materials being made in America as well. We think that’s pretty cool.

To wrap things up, these fine products are also backed by a lifetime warranty from Dee Zee. That shows a lot of confidence in the stuff they make so you can buy with peace of mind. They’ve got your back, and we like that.

Our full range of truck bed accessories doesn't stop here though! Further accessorize your cargo box with our truck bed extenders, cargo bars, bed liners and bed mats!

Enhanced Style
You want your truck to look great, right? Of course you do, because that’s a super important part of what customizing your vehicle is all about. Since these Dee Zee front bed caps are extra corrosion resistant thanks to their Brite-Tread finish, they’ll stay looking great for years to come no matter what kind of wear and tear you put your truck through. People are going to notice how rad these things look on your truck, and they’re going to notice for years…and years…and years. We hope you like being showered with compliments, because it might be something you have to get used to.

Unbeatable Customer Service
If customer service were a professional sport, our courageous Customer Loyalty Representatives would be annual champions from now until forever. Highly trained, extremely friendly, and almost frighteningly knowledgeable, they have never faced a problem they couldn’t help a customer overcome. They’re so good at what they do they make it look easy, but in reality, they just work super hard. We’re also convinced they have super powers.

We love hearing from our customers, and we have multiple ways for you to get in touch. Give us a call toll-free at 877-216-5446, send us an e-mail, or utilize our online chat system! No matter which option you choose, you’ll get to talk straight to a real live North Dakotan in our Jamestown, ND headquarters! We’re friendly folk around here, and we’ll be sure to treat you right.

Check out this sweet video of the Dee Zee logo being created!