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Husky Liners Classic Floor Mats 35971

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Front Row - 2 Piece
2006-2012 Toyota RAV4
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  • Elastomeric material is durable yet flexible
  • Rugged diamond plate tread pattern
  • Laser scanning gives an exact fit
  • Raised edges keep mud, snow, & water on the mat
  • Resistant to oil, gas, and even battery acid
  • Patented Sta-Put nibs prevent shifting
  • Lifetime guarantee against breaking or cracking
  • Available in black, grey, or tan
  • Made in the USA - Winfield, KS

If your car or truck application is not available, please check in Husky WeatherBeater Floor Mats, Husky X-act Contour Floor Mats, or the Husky All Weather Floor Mats.

If you want floor mats to protect the carpet in your car or truck, then you want the mats that set the standard in protection, Husky Liners classic style floor mats. These floor mats are the original and offer maximum protection from heavy foot traffic.

Classic Husky Liners will provide your truck, car, or SUV with protection and coverage that other "flat" floor mats can't! Classic style liners are made from an exclusive elastomeric compound that is as flexible as rubber but resistant to chemicals such as gas, oil, or even battery acid. Your floor mats will even come with a lifetime guarantee against breaking or cracking.

These floor mats also feature a timeless diamond plate tread pattern that will help keep your feet elevated and out of the muck. Water, snow, or mud will also be kept away from your carpet by the raised edges of these mats. Husky Liners classic style floor mats also feature patented Sta-Put Nibs on the back side of each liner that grip your carpeting and prevent any shifting or slippage.

Husky has designed your classic floor mats to follow the contours of your floorboards using the latest in laser scanning technology. This technique ensures that these mats will fit your car or truck precisely. Husky makes these floor liners available in black, grey, or tan to match the interior colors of most vehicles and you can get a classic style liner for pretty much any piece of flooring you want to protect, from the front row to the rear cargo liner and everything in between.

Experience the coverage and protection for yourself, you've got nothing to lose since Husky Liners are backed by a lifetime warranty. Once you see how well these floor mats work, you'll know why they say "go ahead, get dirty!"

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Watch This VideoHusky Liners Classic Style Floor Mats - Fast Facts
Watch This VideoHusky Liners Classic Style Floor Mats | Fast Facts


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Part #: HUL-35971 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- Toyota RAV4 (San Fernando, CA)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
I love the look but the product is deficient! The edges do not conform to my car as stated by Husky. I live in Los Angeles and the weather has been in the 70's and 80's. I have had the Husky liners in my car for almost two months now and the thick edges look exactly the same as when they came out of the box. They stick out an inch and a half or more from the floor molding on my 2011 RAV4 and look terrible, not to mention they provide absolutely zero protection to my front flooring! I thought the Husky liners would relax in the heat but they haven't. I am extremely disappointed in them and Husky's workmanship! I do not recommend their product. Being a long time Husky customer I regret buying their front floor liners. They suck! Be smart and don't let this happen to you.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Husky offers a lifetime warranty on the Husky Liners floor liners.
Husky Liners® guarantees to the original purchaser of Husky Liners® products that they will not break or tear under normal usage during the life of the motor vehicle in/on which they are installed. This warranty shall only be effective while the original purchaser owns the motor vehicle and shall not apply to Husky Liners® products that have been removed from the original vehicle on which they were installed. This warranty applies only to those parts that are correctly installed in/on the vehicle for which they were intended.
Husky Liners® will warrant any part during the warranty period that proves defective in material and/or workmanship under normal installation, use, service, or maintenance. Return alleged defective part to the place of purchase for replacement or refund. Please have a copy of your purchase receipt available when you call. The foregoing is the only express warranty made by the manufacturer and is limited to the duration of this warranty. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY. LABOR CHARGES, INJURIES, OR ANY OTHER LOSS OR DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING THOSE INCURRED IN INSTALLATION ARE EXCLUDED. ADDITIONALLY, PAINTING OF REPLACEMENT HUSKY LINER® PARTS AND ANY VEHICLE COMPONENT REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AS WELL AS INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ARE EXCLUDED.
This warranty is void for damages to the product due to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or any use that violates the instructions furnished by us.
ABNORMAL WEAR AND TEAR ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTY. Obviously, if your dog chews up your Husky Liner product, it's not covered under the warranty. Likewise, if you shut your Husky Liner in the door of your vehicle, damage to the liner and/or door are not covered. Commonplace, everyday wear on a particular product is considered normal, and is not covered under warranty repair.


Husky liners Classic Style floor liners are designed to work with your existing retention hooks or posts and follow all of the contours of your floor. These Classic Style liners are quite flexible and will fit your vehicle like a glove. The installation instructions included with your mats highlight any special needs and are very easy to follow. If you have any additional questions about any Husky Liners product or if you just need additional information, please feel free to call our customer service department at 1-877-216-5446 or 701-253-5906.
NOTE: Trimming may be required if you have a factory subwoofer mounted underneath the back row driver's side seat.
PDF Icon Husky Liners 35971 Installation Instructions