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Hypertech Max Energy Sport Performance Chip

Product Information
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  • Increased Horsepower & Torque: The Max Energy Sport programmer offers enhanced performance with increased horsepower and torque.
  • Adjust Top Speed & Rev Limiters: The Hypertech Max Energy Sport has the ability to make adjustments to your top speed limiters and rev limiters.
  • View DTCs: Users can view and clear diagnostic trouble codes with the Max Energy Sport performance chip.
  • Adjust WOT Limiters: Many late model vehicles have WOT (Wide Open Throttle) limiters that limit how quickly the car can accelerate. The Hypertech Sport allows users to remove the restriction for peak performance and acceleration.
  • Plug & Play: Hypertech's Max Energy Sport plugs into your vehicle's OBDII port making it extremely easy and quick to use.
  • Internet Updateable: Internet updates are available via Hypertech's website. Anytime an update is released, users can download it for free and upgrade their programmer to ensure they are on the cutting edge of technology.

The Hypertech Max Energy Sport was designed specifically for the import and sport tuner market. Designed around the same platform as the original Max Energy, the Sport programmer features dyno tested tunes that are sure to extract as much horsepower and torque out of your vehicle as possible. All vehicles are real world tested out on the open roads to ensure you are getting the quickest acceleration, smoothest shifting, and best overall drivability possible. The Max Energy Sport programmer plugs into your OBDII port to offer quick and easy performance uploads. Along with enhanced performance, the Max Energy Sport Programmer can also control or adjust several other vehicle functions such as top speed limiter and rev limiters. It can also view and clear diagnostic trouble codes, remove acceleration limiters, as well as return to stock programming at any time. On select Honda and Acura vehicles equipped with VTEC technology, the Max Energy Sport performance chip allows users to make adjustments for enhanced performance. The sport programmer can be updated at any time for free via internet updates to make sure you are on the cutting edge of technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hypertech tuning void my warranty?
No. Federal law prohibits a dealer from voiding your warranty just because you are using aftermarket parts, with only two exceptions: A warranty claim can be denied only if the part is the cause of damage, or if it adversely affects the emissions or the emissions system.

What is Hypertech Power Tuning?
Power Tuning is the optimization of the fuel delivery and ignition spark timing curves to produce maximum horsepower and torque. An engine's air, fuel and spark requirements vary throughout its operating range. When Hypertech's engineers and technicians develop Power Tuning for a vehicle, their objective is to absolutely nail the best spark timing and the best air/fuel ratio for every point in the rpm curve.

Can I run regular gasoline?
While most tuning is designed and calibrated for 92 or 93 octane fuel, we do have some applications that have a dual fuel tuning program available.

Will Power Tuning hurt my engine in any way?
No. Best power is always made when air/fuel ratio and the spark tuning has been optimized for maximum power, meaning maximum "push" on the piston during each power stroke. Damage occurs if the air/fuel mixture is too lean, meaning that there is not enough fuel for the amount of air in the cylinder. This results in excess super heated air which can cause burning of valves and pistons and will also induce detonation (which can break pistons, etc.) Relative to spark timing, too much "advance" will cause detonation which reduces power and can also damage parts exactly as a lean mixture does. When we finish power tuning, your engine will run at maximum efficiency yet safely distanced from possible damage due to leanness or excessive spark advance.


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Part #: HPT-62003 Posted on
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(Williamsport, PA)
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Bought the max energy sport tuner for my 06 mazdaspeed6. Great product! Very easy to install, saw a great improvement in power and got rid of turbo lag. Also cleared troublesome engine codes from when I put my exhaust on. Over all great product! You need it!


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Factory Direct Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Hypertech Power Tuning Products are warranted* against defects in materials or workmanship. Hypertech’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to the prompt correction or replacement of any defective part of the product which HYPERTECH determines to be necessary. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is to the original purchaser for as long as he or she owns the vehicle on which the product is originally installed, providing all the information requested is furnished. You must retain a copy of your original sales invoice or receipt. Without proper documentation, a service fee will be applied. Resold units are NOT covered under this warranty.

Return Your Vehicle To Stock Tuning

BEFORE Taking Your Vehicle In For Service

If you take your vehicle to a dealer or mechanic for service, you must first remove the Hypertech Power Tuning and restore the stock programming. This is because diagnostic devices expect to find stock calibrations and will often overwrite the program if the latest stock calibration is not found in the computer’s memory. This will result in the loss of your Hypertech Power Tuning data. The Power Tuning can be easily removed to restore the stock tuning before you take your vehicle in for service, enabling the service technician to upgrade your stock calibrations. After the service is complete, you can reinstall your Hypertech Power Tuning. If you have any questions related to service issues, please call Hypertech at 901.382.8888.


The Hypertech Max Energy Sport Power Progammer offers an easy at home no drill installation. For additional information please call us at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.