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        • The standard light for off-road racers
        • Designed to work while traveling 100+ MPH off-road
        • Powered by a 70W HID ballast
        • Housing is constructed of a DuPont™ Zytel® carbon fiber
        • Available in driving (spread) or spot (off-road) beam patterns
        • Adjustable Rally Ring for precise aiming
        • 4200k color temperature mimics sunlight
        • Dual pack systems include two 7" lights, complete wiring harness, 30 amp illuminated switch w/ panel, and mounting hardware
        • Backed by 23 year warranty


        King Kong ain't got nothing on KC HiLiTES POD HID lights! These are the lights that trophy trucks are lined with, and their performance is unquestionable. KC HiLiTES POD off-road lights have won more Baja 1000 races than every other light combined.

        KC HiLITES POD HID lights coming in a variety of styles. The KC HiLITES high intensity discharge lighting is available in fog, off-road (long range), flood and driving light designs. KC HID lights turn night into day. KC HID's produce a light output more than four times the amount of any other light source available, and our rugged solid state HID components will withstand the most severe conditions.

        Whiter light output, minimal amp draw, higher efficiency and much longer bulb life. This makes driving at night easier, safer and if you are racing much faster! The HID ballasts have been designed to function at voltages ranging from 9V to 16V for automotive as well as commercial and industrial applications.

        KC HiLiTES POD HID lights are designed and built for maximum performance. So, if you're truly ready to light up the night, don't look any further. Get your POD HID lights today!


        Beam patterns explained

        Truck lighting beam patterns (side-view)
        Truck lighting beam patterns (top-view)


        What is the difference between driving lights, spot lights, fog lights, and flood lights?

        Driving Lights

        Often referred to as fog lights, driving lights have a beam that is able to travel a longer distance, but not as wide.  Driving lights perform best when used to supplement your high-beams.  Or they may be aimed lower and supplement your low-beams.

        Spot / Off-Road Lights

        Spot lights are strictly for off-road usage due to their powerful, tight beam.  Using an array of spot lights will offer more coverage by aiming them at slightly different angles.

        Fog Lights

        Fog lights are generally mounted low on the vehicle such as the bumper or bumper grille.  The light pattern is very wide, with a flat horizontal cutoff.  When properly aimed, fog lights are the perfect complement to your low-beams.  This is by far the most popular beam pattern and are installed on many vehicles from the factory - though there's always room for improvement by upgrading your existing fog lights.

        Flood Lights

        Flood lights have a beam pattern that may be similar in width to a fog light, but the beam does not have a horizontal cutoff.  Therefore they are also for off-road use only.  As with spot lights, a mounting location high on the vehicle is ideal.


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        Additional Features

        KC HiLiTES HID Lights 4 Types of Lighting : Driving Lights: are a must-have improvement over stock headlights, burning brighter and penetrating farther through the night. Flood Lights: produce vertical as well as horizontal light to illuminate a broad area directly in front of the light source. These lights are great for lighting up a work area or for use as auxiliary back up lights. Fog Lights: throw a wide, low beam to get under extreme weather conditions. Long Range Lights: (for off road applications) complete the performance lighting picture, throwing high intensity light that projects up to 1 and 1/2 miles.


        Everything you need to install KC HiLiTES Carbon POD HID lights is included with a system order. Wiring harness, mounting hardware, and instructions will be in the box. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call at 877-216-5446.

        23 Year Warranty

        KC HiLITES proudly warranties all of their products against failure for a period of 23 years. If a housing or reflector begins to rust, if a switch fails, if a cover fades from the sun, they even warranty all of our bulbs against burnout. Exclusions are abuse and damage caused by accidents.
        Defective products must be returned to KC HiLITES customer service, freight prepaid. At their option, they will repair or replace items in question and return them at no charge. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and a sales receipt may be required.

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        Part #: KCL-660 Posted on
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        (Fort Kent, ME)
        Price / Value
        Ease of Installation
        Awesome lights very bright clear white beam and very long range lights. had kc #632 before which were very bright but the 660's are much brighter and white light
        Part #: KCL-9639 Posted on
        Was this review helpful?
        (Morton, TX)
        Price / Value
        Ease of Installation
        very bright nice carbon fiber housing....and saved almost 500 bucks buying from real truck than any other place i found