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Putco LED Bumper Grilles

Putco LED bumper grilles will bring some light to your truck, literally. The extra LEDs will gather attention from everyone around and provide you with added light for your truck or SUV. Have you seen how awesome they look? These LED bumper grilles are made from durable, high-quality materials like stainless steel and available in bar, punch, and diamond styles. Read More
3 Products

3 Products
Putco LED bumper grilles are the next generation of bumper grille inserts. Are you looking for a more stylish way to cover your range of visibility? Built in Luminix LED off-road light bars will come in handy for your wild adventures. Putco is a leading name in the industry and they are known for creating top quality products. You can see the expert craftsmanship in their product and it’s easy to tell they are built to last.
Features and Benefits
With some different choices all at affordable prices, you just have to have one! The bar bumper grille is a classic style that will never get old, the punch bumper grille is a unique look to set yourself apart, and the diamond bumper grille has a wicked look to beef up any vehicle. Truck bumper grilles are essential when trying to complete the look of your front end. They match perfectly with your main LED grille.
If you’re an off-road adventure taker, travel over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, or just like having extra lighting on the road, you won’t be disappointed with a bumper grille insert. LED bumper grilles provide you with added light on the road to increase visibility through any weather conditions you may face and they are great for spotting rocks and bumps when off-roading. They are easily installed by replacing or filling the grille opening and it can be done right at home so you don’t have to waste time taking your truck to the shop.
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