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KC HiLiTES LED Lights & LED Light Bars

KC HiLiTES LED lights & LED light bars are well worth the money as they power through all sorts of weather conditions without fail. Not only that, but they look fantastic while being easy to install. Need more reasons? They come with free shipping, are made in the USA, and have a whopping 23 year warranty. Read More

11 Products

11 Products


KC HiLiTES is deeply rooted in the off-road lights community. How rooted are they? Answer: They have been in business since the 1970s and are the original manufacturer of off-road lighting! Basically, one could say KC HiLiTES LED lights & LED light bars have always set the bar. And while they are often imitated, they’re never replicated.


It’s fair enough to ask what you get for your money. So, we’ll give it to ya straight. These LED lights are designed, manufactured, and assembled right here in the USA. Secondly, you can choose from driving, flood, off-road, or studdly light bars. With that, they are easy to hook up since they are lightweight and include a wiring harness. You also get super bright lights no matter which you choose from our virtual shelves. As a cherry on top, you also get our loyal customer service team should any questions or issues arise, free shipping, and a 23 year warranty.

To show how we installed a pair of light bars on our custom truck “Storm”, check out the video below!