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Pro Comp Lift kits

Pro Comp Lift Kits

Pro Comp lift kits give your budget and your rig a boost. They’re known for having a great quality for the price and don’t ride too stiff or too sloppy. If you scroll through this page and find something you really like, we’ll throw in free shipping when you get to the check out. Read More

2 Products

2 Products

Pro Comp started in 1992 and have since created the most complete range of off-road suspension accessories. So, you know they’ve learned a thing or two about how things should work. Pro Comp lift kits are custom designed for your ride and that’s the only way we’d have it. We hope you get to enjoy these kits for years to come - especially with their limited lifetime warranty. If you’d like to see how these lift kits are installed, check out our Pro Comp Lift Kits YouTube video below. But, if you’re not a pro, we recommend having a mechanic do your installation.