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Loading Zone Cargo Gate Cargo & Truck Bed Divider CG1101

Product Information
List Price:
Our Price:
3.7 (4 reviews)
Part #:
  • Adjustable Width: 54" - 57.75"
  • Height: 16"


Does your truck have a track system?

  • Cargo management solution
  • Adjustable desgin
  • Locking handles
  • Works with most trucks, SUV, and mini vans
  • Premium quality heavy duty steel, aluminum, and plastic components
  • Easy to use
  • No assembly required
  • Does not work with track systems

The Loading Zone cargo gate works great in pickup truck beds, SUVs and mini vans. Keep everything in place and organized from outdoor gear to hunting and fishing to groceries and tools. Simply lift, lock and load for a perfect truck bed divider. The designed allows the cargo gate to be positioned anywhere in the truck bed. The easy to use locking handle holds the loading zone cargo gate securely in place. The versatile cargo gate load divider is way better than a simple cargo bar can be moved where you need it. No assembly needed or mounting hardware required.

Many models to fit virtually every truck, SUV, and minivan. Each Cargo Gate is made from anodized aluminum with heady duty plastic handles and stainless steel components. It adjusts and installs quick and easy. It's the easiest way to keep your load secure. Works with well with most truck bed cover, toppers and bedliners. The adjustable cargo bar keeps your stuff organized and secure in your pickups cargo box.

Whether you are just driving around town or on a trip, keeping the items in your truck bed from sliding around and securely in place will ensure your stuff is in good condition upon arriving at your destination. Perfect for home, commercial or recreational use. Enhance your truck with Loading Zone.

Please Note: Loading Zone Cargo Gate is not available for flair/step side trucks.

Refer to our track system guide for ordering help determining whether your truck bed has a track system or utili-track installed.

The Loading Zone from Chad Cox on Vimeo.


More Information

PDF Icon LoadingZone Brochure

Order Notes

Cargo Gate will NOT work with Retractable Tonneau Covers Such as Pace Edwards or BAK. Note: The Cargo Gate for the 2001-2003 Ford F150 SuperCrew works from the wheel wells forward

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  • 1982-1993 Chevy S10 Pickup
  • 2007-2009 Chevy Trailblazer
  • 1983-2011 Ford Ranger Styleside Bed
  • 1982-1990 GMC S15 Pickup
  • 1991-1993 GMC Sonoma
  • 2002-2003 Infiniti QX
  • 2005-2006 Kia Sorento
  • 2003-2006 Lexus GX
  • 1994-2009 Mazda B-Series
  • 2000-2006 Mercedes Benz M Class
  • 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Loading Zone™ Original Cargo Gate different from load bars?  The Loading Zone Original Cargo Gate is versatile in that it divides from the bottom cargo area to the top of the rails with no assembly or mounting hardware required. Simply lift, lock and load for a perfect cargo divider.
What is the Original Cargo Gate made from?  The cross members are constructed of 1 x 1 anodized aluminum, while the majority of the assembly is made from heavy-duty nylon plastic. The locating pins, clips and locking mechanism are of stainless steel construction, and the landing pads and feet are rubber.
How much does the Original Cargo Gate weigh?  The four (5) available models weigh between 6.5 pounds and 8.5 pounds. The smallest unit, the LZCG 1101 for compact pickup trucks, weighs 6.5 pounds. The LZCG 1301 and 1302 for midsize pickup trucks weigh approximately 7 pounds, the LZCG 1501 for full-size pickup trucks weighs 8.5 pounds, the LZCG1601 for 04+ Ford F150 weights 8.5 pounds.
How do you install the Original Cargo Gate, and what tools will I need?  No tools are needed for installation . . . and it only takes a few minutes. You simply lift the locking handle, adjust the landing posts to the nominal width of the truck bed via the locating pins, and push the Original Cargo Gate against the bed floor so the rubber feet grip. Then, depress the locking handle down until it clicks. You're done.
How does the Original Cargo Gate work?  The design of the compression cam in the handle is key. Once you adjust the landing post and press down the handle, the cam action forces the landing posts out - applying up to 300 pounds PSI against the inside edge of the bedrails. This is much stronger than the inner walls of the fender walls and provides a tremendous amount of resistance.
How much will the Original Cargo Gate hold?  The Original Cargo Gate will hold up to a 65-pound static load. It was designed to hold items against the firewall or tailgate in a snug position. This way you can be sure that your cargo is safely secured at all times and arrives intact.
How do I keep my Original Cargo Gate from being stolen?  Loading Zone has a Locking Lanyard available, which is not only a safety feature but also works as a theft deterrent.  It is made from coated aircraft cable with two loops at the end. Just feed it through the Original Cargo Gate and noose it tight while locking the other loop to the cargo cleat inside the cargo area. The Original Cargo Gate is still movable.
Does the Original Cargo Gate work with bed liners?  The Original Cargo Gate works with or without parallel ribbed bed liners. The rubber feet are adjustable so that they can be moved to fit between the ribs of the liner or between the ribs of the truck bed itself.
Does the Original Cargo Gate work with bed rugs?  Yes! The Original Cargo Gate works with bed rugs. In fact, bed rugs actually enhance the performance of the Original Cargo Gate.
Does the Original Cargo Gate work with tonneau covers and caps or camper shells?  The Original Cargo Gate will work on almost all top mounted systems. As long as the Original Cargo Gate has the ability to make contact with the side rails, without interference with the cover.
Does the Original Cargo Gate* fit all trucks and vans?  Loading Zone currently has five (5) Original Cargo Gate models that fit the majority of the trucks, vans and SUVs that are sold today (except step sides and flare sides). All have been designed to work as a cargo management system.
Can the Original Cargo Gate be used in the 2001-2003 F-150 SuperCrew?  There have been numerous purchases for the LZCG 1501B model, which fits the Ford F-150 SuperCrew 2001-2003 from the wheel wells forward.


The Loading Zone Orginal Cargo Gate Load Divider is available in 5 models to fit virtually all pickups, suv's and minivans.  Here are the dimensions and adjustments of each gate.  Note:  When ordering, you will order by vehicle application.

LZ-CG1601       Adjustable Width 62"-65 1/2".     Height: 22 3/4"

LZ-CG1501       Adjustable Width 62"-65 1/2".     Height: 19 1/2"

LZ-CG1302       Adjustable Width 60"-64".           Height: 17"

LZ-CG1301       Adjustable Width 54 ¾"-58 ¾".   Height: 17"

LZ-CG1101       Adjustable Width 54"-57 3/4".     Height: 16"

How It Works

Loading Zone Cargo Gate Step 1
Place the cargo gate truck bed divider where you would like it in the truck bed
Loading Zone Cargo Gate Step 2
Lock it into place
Loading Zone Cargo Gate Step 2 Close Up
Heavy duty built handle for locking
Loading Zone Cargo Gate Step 3
Load your gear!


Product Reviews Summary

Price / Value
Ease of Installation
4  Customer Reviews
5 Star
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Load Divider
Part #: LZO-CG1101 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- 2011 Ford Ranger (Crossville, TN)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
Fits great and does the job.
Part #: LZO-CG1101 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- Ford Ranger (Jackson, LA)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
Very disappointed. For the price I expected something more than just plastic and an easier way to lock it in place.
Part #: LZO-CG1101 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- Ford Ranger (Marriottsville, MD)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
This is my third cargo gate order from you folks. It's a great product. Very vesatile and well made. I have two in my Dodge full size truck and one in my Ford Ranger. Thanks for a great website and product line.
All the best!!
Mike Evans
Part #: LZO-CG1101 Posted on
Was this review helpful?
- Mazda B-Series (Rockford, IL)
Price / Value
Ease of Installation
Works as advertised. Extremely handy!
If I were to make any changes to it, from a manufacturer's standpoint, I think I would make it a bit more study.....a bit heavier, perhaps.
One other note: Concerning the adjustability and the pin holes used to adjust for the width of the bed....there isn't quite enough "fine tune" adjustability available. I found the adjustment points too large. The gate was either slightly too long or slightly too short.
These are minor points, and none would prevent me front buying another.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Loading Zone products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


The Loading Zone Cargo Gate is easy to install. 

Step 1) Line handle up with aluminum bars

Step 2) Insert prongs into square slots

Step 3) Turn gate to tap side bracket into place or use hammer to tap slightly

For additional information, please see the details tab or call us at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.