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Truck people of America, hasn't tuning your pickup always been about getting more speed, horsepower and torque, as well as faster acceleration and increased fuel economy? RealTruck carries a wide range of products for the gas or diesel truck all the way to classic American muscle car. Everything Magnaflow designs and produces is meant to boost your engine's performance, stand the test of time, and look good. Magnaflow's philosophy is three words – Quality – Power - Sound.

Magnaflow is a leader in the performance industry, making quality exhausts, mufflers, catalytic converters, and a wide variety of exhaust tips. They offer a full line of power enhancing products for gas and diesel trucks, SUVs, American muscle cars, and much more. With over 30 years' experience Magnaflow has honed their skills to develop some of the most power producing products on the market. If it's not about sound quality or power it's not from Magnaflow.

Starting out as Car Sound Exhausts Systems and specializing in catalytic converters, Magnaflow has spent the past 30 years making a reputable name for themselves. You can't go to a racing or muscle car function without seeing or hearing about the Magnaflow brand. And let me tell you, it takes time and credibility to get that kind of trust and exposure.

As you may already know Mario Andretti is one of Magnaflow's spokesmen. In fact they have a whole host of team members including Chip Foose, Grave Digger (monster truck), Don Garlits, Robby Gordon, Marco Andretti and Cris Cyborg. They are trained professionals and have used Magnaflow Performance parts in their professional and personal lives. You can bet money that each and every one of them will vouch for the high standards of quality, power and amazing sound quality that Magnaflow produces.

All Magnaflow products we carry are made out of 100% stainless steel, giving you a corrosion resistant product that will stand the test of time. So why wait? Browse our huge selection today and receive the full RealTruck experience.

If you have questions while searching for the perfect sounding exhaust or muffler, or you're not sure which catalytic converter your ride needs, or you aren't quite sure which size exhaust tip you need - give us a call. We are always on the other end of 877-216-5446. Manufactured by Magnaflow.