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Maxloader Overload Spring Support Systems 201228

Product Information
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Capacity: 2,500 lbs.
2002-2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD
2006-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD, Quad Cab, Quad Cab
2006-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD, Regular Cab, Regular Cab
  • Maxloader spring support systems are non-returnable


  • Additional Support:  The Maxloader Spring Support Systems provides additional spring support to your truck or SUV.  The Maxloader was designed to assist the factory leaf springs when they compress down onto the helper springs, eliminating pre-tensioning and a constantly stiff ride.
  • Better Handling/ Control:  The Maxloader's design allows for better handling and control while carrying heavy loads.  This spring system was designed to provide factory handling and control regardless of what size load your vehicle is carrying. (Always stay within your vehicle's rated GVW load limits.)
  • Less Sway:  The full length design of the Maxloader System allows it to act like an anti-sway bar.  It helps prevent rolling and swaying characteristics that often occur when a vehicle becomes too overloaded for the factory suspension.
  • Less Maintenance:  The Maxloader Systems require less maintenance than any other spring support system out there.  There are no additional clamps, bushings, or air lines to worry about.  The Maxloader also helps reduce stress and wear on your vehicles drivetrain and suspension components.
  • No Adjustments:  The Maxloader Spring System never requires tuning or adjustments.  Once the spring system is installed and securely fastened, users will find there is virtually nothing to adjust or wear out.
  • Level Loads:  Maintain a factory ride height and level loads with a Maxloader System.  The rear of the vehicle will sit level, eliminating front end lift and un-natural steering tendencies.
  • Factory Ride:  The Maxloader Springs allow your vehicle to maintain a factory ride.  While empty, only the factory springs will be working, ensuring a plush and comfortable ride.  When the vehicle is loaded, the Maxloader springs begin to interact with the factory springs to provide additional support and level suspension travel.
  • Easy Installation:  The Maxloader easily installs between your factory leaf springs and axle.  It works with your factory spring pad pins and mounting brackets with no additional modifications or drilling.  Simply install the longer U-bolts and you have a factory looking suspension with factory ride characteristics.
  • Lifetime Warranty:  All Maxloader Spring Supports are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  There are no wearing parts and the polyurethane bushings provide long life, less noise, and better shock load dampening.

Made in the USA from US materials! The engineers at Maxloader believe that the customer does not have the time nor the money to invest in a spring system that will eventually fail. To overcome this, the Maxloader Spring Support System was introduced as being both cost effective and safe for the user. The Maxloader System is easy to install, safe for all operations, and will never wear out.

The Maxloader installs between the axle and your factory leaf springs. Unlike other systems that mount above the leaf spring and always work against the factory springs, the Maxloader Spring Supports only provide additional support when the factory springs are loaded. This allows for a plush, factory ride during daily commutes, while providing increased support and stability when hauling and/or towing heavy loads. The below the spring mount is designed to only engage when needed and eliminates any pre-tensioning allowing for a factory ride empty or full.

The Maxloader springs are as long as your factory leaf springs, providing support to the factory leafs at three key points; both spring ends and in the center mounting location. This ensures an evenly distributed load and prevents fatiguing stress that other systems exhibit and eventually cause broken leaf springs. This unique design is also very effective at eliminating swaying and rolling characteristics, especially in corners.

Installation is easy and and can be quickly accomplished with only a few bolts; no clamps, drilling, or air system components. The end result of a Maxloader Spring Support System is a vehicle that rides smoother and more level, with evenly distributed weight resulting in less strain to the drivetrain and suspension components. All Maxloader Systems are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Maxloader Spring Support System is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in either materials or workmanship.


This product offers an easy, at home no drill installation. The installation manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please see the installation manual below. You may also call us toll free at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.
PDF Icon Maxloader Installation Guide
Generic instructions for installing Maxloader Overload Suspension Spring Support Systems