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Polished Mesh Grilles

Are you looking for something to add some flair to your truck or SUV? Our selection of polished mesh grilles are from leading brands in the industry like Putco, Rugged Ridge, and T-Rex. Constructed of heavy-duty materials like aluminum, stainless steel, steel, and ABS. These truck grilles offer added protection and enhance the look of your ride. Read More
11 Products

11 Products
To take your truck to the next level, a polished mesh grille is an essential accessory. They are incredibly good looking and won’t break the bank. After you install your polished grille, you will notice that people can’t take their eyes off of it. When the light hits it just right, they glisten perfectly and will leave you in a day dream. You’ll feel the warmth of the sun reflecting off of you’re ever so shiny polished truck grille.
This selection of grilles comes from top brands that put the maximum amount of effort in to each and every one of their grilles and it shows through the craftsmanship and quality. Custom fit to your year, make, and model to ensure you get the best fit possible. There are three install designs that the polished mesh grilles come as depending on your vehicle and they are insert (replaces or fills grille opening), overlay (bolts over factory grille), and complete replacement.
A truck grille isn’t just a grille, it’s the beautiful piece on the front of your ride that can make the whole thing come together. With sturdy frames and durable woven mesh construction, you can be sure that these grilles will withstand even the roughest of weather conditions. Mesh grilles are great for adding some protection to the front of your vehicle against rocks, dings, debris, and bugs.
If you stand back, really take a look at your ride, and realize that it’s missing something. It’s time to start thinking about investing in a polished mesh grille. With the ultimate combination of functionality and style, you really can’t go wrong with one of these bad boys. RealTruck wants to bring you the best virtual shopping experience possible and that’s why we offer you quality products, low prices, outstanding customer service, and free shipping. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our wonderful customer service specialists at 877-216-5446.