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> How To Install A No-Drill Mud Flap

How To Install A No-Drill Mud Flap

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how to install a no drill mud flap
WeatherTech No Drill Mud Flaps
In the past, installing a mud flap meant drilling holes in your wheel-well area for the flap to mount. Thankfully, custom-molded mud flaps featuring no-drill installation such as WeatherTech No Drill Mud Flaps are available for many modern applications. This means you don’t have to drill into the steel of your vehicle to attach your mud guards.

Follow these simple steps to attach your new no-drill mud flaps! 

  1. Make sure the wheel well and installation area where you plan to attach your new mud flaps are clean and clear of dirt, grime, and debris.
  2. Turn your front wheels all the way to the left to maximize the clearance in-between the tire and the wheel well.
  3. Next, turn your mud flaps over to look for markings on the back. They should be marked L or LH for the left side, and R or RH for the right-hand side. The left-hand side of the vehicle is always the driver’s side.
  4. The mounting holes used will be the ones that are currently factory drilled in your wheel well. Remove the screws that are currently there, but hold onto them.
  5. With the screws removed, move your mud flap into place. You’ll notice it fits perfectly to the contours of your vehicle.
  6. Without fully tightening, reinstall the screws into the holes from which you removed them. This attaches them to the wheel well.
  7. Take any additional screws and washers provided with the mud flap and attach them to the flap, screwing them into any remaining holes left open. NOTE: Do not forget to insert any hex nuts between the mud flap and wheel well if those nuts were provided with your kit.
  8. Before tightening your mud flap, adjust it to the angle you want it positioned.
  9. Tighten the screws.
  10. If your mud flap comes with additional holes and there is no available spot on your truck for a screw to enter, you will need to drill these holes out if you wish for extra stability.
  11. Follow steps 6-9 to complete the additional holes.
  12. Repeat steps 3-9 as needed for remaining mud flaps.