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> Mud Flaps and Splash Guards

Mud Flaps and Splash Guards

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The terms “mud flap” and “splash guard” have become synonymous over the last several years. Whichever term you prefer, installing a set of these protective accessories is one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. Dirt, mud, gravel and even salted snow can damage your paint as they fly off the road and hit your truck. Mud flaps ensure these offenders are deflected. Depending on your year, make, and model, there may be several different mud flap designs available.

Custom Molded Mud Flaps

Image of molded mud flaps on a Chevy
Mud flaps on a Chevy pickup truck
In the past, mud guards were made with a rubber material that moved back and forth somewhat, resulting in them being referred to as mud flaps. In the modern era, many companies such as HuskyLiners offer custom-molded flaps made with a rigid thermoplastic material. These mud flaps are engineered to be application specific, allowing them to look more like an original equipment piece than an aftermarket add-on.

No Drill Mud Flaps

Image of no-drill custom mud flaps
No-drill molded mud flaps create a sleek, OE style look
Traditional mud flap designs require holes to be drilled on your vehicle in order for the flaps to mount. If you prefer to avoid drilling, a no-drill mud flap such as those made by WeatherTech is a great choice. To see how these no-drill mud flaps mount on your vehicle, check out our installation guide.

Universal Mud Flaps

This category covers a wide array of mud flaps, from diamond plate and stainless steel to traditional rubber designs. The common thread between these different mud flaps is that drilling is usually required during installation. While they don’t have the form-fitting custom appearance of a molded mud flap, universal mud flaps are often available with logos and cartoon characters, making them a great way to add personality to your vehicle.

Image of rubber mud flaps
Rubber mud flaps
Image of aluminun mud flaps on a dually
Aluminum mud flaps on a dually
Image of diamond plate aluminum mud flaps
Diamond plate aluminum mud flaps
Image of mud flaps with Ford log
Mud flaps are a great way to show pride in your ride

Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

Image of hitch mounted mud flaps
Hitch mounted mud flaps
While the aforementioned mud flaps provide great protection for your vehicle, they do little to protect anything you may be towing. To keep rock chips and road debris away from your trailer, install a set of hitch-mounted mud flaps such as those offered by Towtector. These flaps mount wide across the rear bumper of your vehicle, providing a barrier between harmful debris and your payload.

If you have any questions about mud flaps & splash guards, contact our expert staff today. We have the knowledge and experience you need to pick the best accessories for your truck.