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> How To Shop For Nerf Bars

How To Shop For Nerf Bars

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If you haven’t shopped for nerf bars before, the number of choices available can seem overwhelming. While we’ve covered nerf bar styles in our styles and specifications article, in this guide we’ll focus on why one particular style or size of nerf bar might be right for you. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to choose the right bar with confidence.


Nerf Bar Designs


Round Bars

Image of a 3 inch Ionic stainless steel nerf bar
A cab length 3 inch round Ionic stainless steel nerf bar.
Manufacturers such as Ionic offer 3 and 4-inch round nerf bars in both stainless steel and black finishes. Choose this style if you’re building on a budget and need a good bar at a great price.


Image of an Ionic 5 inch stainless steel oval bar
A 5 inch stainless steel oval bar from Ionic Automotive.
The wider step-area of an oval bar such as those offered by Raptor lends itself well to customers who require a high degree of sure footing. If the smaller diameter of a round bar doesn’t seem sufficient to you, try an oval bar for a step area up to 6 inches wide.

Hoop Steps

Image of an N-Fab wheel to wheel hoop step
An N-Fab wheel to wheel hoop step.
Hoop steps may seem small compared to ovals and round bars, but this style of nerf bar can actually be easier to use than any other as the drop length lends itself to ease of use. A hoop step can come down 1 to 2 inches lower than comparable round bars, providing easier access to your cab or bed.

Nerf Bar Lengths


Cab Length

Image of a cab length Raptor 6 inch oval
Cab length nerf bars with steps at both front and rear doors.
This represents the majority of nerf bars on the market and on the road. Choose a cab length nerf bar if you just need easier access to the cab of your vehicle.


Wheel to Wheel

Image of N-Fab wheel to wheel nerf bars
Wheel to wheel hoop step nerf bars from N-Fab.
Ideal for customers who have toolboxes in their truck beds, wheel-to-wheel nerf bars provide a step that makes it easy to access your bed. If your truck serves as a mobile workstation, wheel-to-wheel nerf bars are an excellent choice.


Individual Steps

Image of Carr Hoop II steps
Individual steps. Note that they attach directly to the truck and no bar is present.
These short steps install directly to your vehicle’s pinch weld. Usually sold in pairs, they provide a single step under your door rather than having a bar run the whole length of the cab. These steps provide an economical alternative to traditional nerf bars. However, they do require extensive drilling, making for more difficult installation. Choose these if you prefer not to have a bar running the length of your cab or wheelbase.