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> How To Shop For Nerf Bars

How To Shop For Nerf Bars

Shop for Nerf Bars
Pick up the best for Nerf Bars for your car, truck or SUV.

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When getting ready to choose a Nerf Bar for your pickup truck, it’s important to take the time to select the correct accessory before adding it to your shopping cart.  There are several different styles and sizes of nerf bars and with each coming in a different finish, your options begin to look pretty limitless.

The size of a nerf bar refers to the shape. There are three basic shapes; round, oval and hooped style. 

Hooped style refers to the type of nerf bar that is a bar with the steps cropping out below the bar in a u-shape fashion.  You can get this particular type of nerf bar in one, two or three step sizes.

Nerf bar sizes:

The material refers to what the product is made of, and the finish is how the product is coated and ultimately what color it is. In the truck accessory industry there are a few basic materials and finishes when it comes to nerf bars.

Materials and finishes for nerf bars:

Selecting a type of nerf bar for your truck or SUV is solely based on your particular preference. The functionality, presentation, and price should be the factors you consider when making your decision.

After choosing either the round, tube or hooped style, you’ll need to choose the type and length of your nerf bar. Some brands only produce nerf bars for particular styles of trucks and SUVs, but your find most brands will be able to outfit your vehicle with whatever you want.

Types and Lengths:

  • Sports Bars – the length of the truck cab.
  • Wheel to Wheel – the full length of the pickup cab to the rear wheel.
  • Bed Access – the full length of the truck cab to the rear wheel with support step for bed access.

After making your decision you’ll simply need to place your online order.  If you have questions or are unsure about what type of nerf bar your truck truly needs, RealTruck is happy to speak with you by phone. Our truck experts are standing by and ready to deliver seven days a week!