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> What Are Nerf Bars

What Are Nerf Bars

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Pickup trucks and SUVs are getting bigger and higher off the ground, especially if you have taken the liberty of putting in a lift kit. But, while climbing into the bed of your truck is getting tougher, you still need to be able to get in and out of your ride. For instance, you have a big date, drive over to your lady’s house to pick her up, and she can’t step up into the cab. While we're sure you could use your impressive muscles to set her in there yourself, it's nice to add some accents to your truck while making sure anyone can easily giddy up into your truck. Keep reading to learn more. Or, if you just realized that what you really want is running boards, check out these other research guides:Running Boards Research Guide and Nerf Bars and Running Boards Comparison Guide

For detailed information on nerfs read:

What is a Nerf Bar? Nerf Bars (sometimes called side steps or step bars) add style and functionality to your truck or SUV. A wide variety of styles include black powder-coated, stainless steel and chrome. They come in a variety of shapes and styles including tube steps, oval steps, LED lighted nerf steps and more for both Truck and SUV’s.

Pickup Truck Nerf Bars Black  Stainless Steel
Nerf Bars, also known as Side Steps, are easy to install
Nerf bars are sold in pairs and easily install by utilizing existing holes in your truck or SUV's frame or rocker panels. Nerf bars are made for all sizes of trucks including full size, crew cab, super cab, quad cab, king cab, and extended cab.

Nerf bars may not ring a bell with you as a truck owner, but chances are you're familiar with them, at least visually. These are the chrome or painted metal accessories that are used below the driver and passenger door on some trucks to give better access to the cab by acting as a step up. Nerf bars actually got their start on the racetrack, being fitted to single seat race cars for use in passing maneuvers.

A “nerf” is technically a slight bump, or nudge, used to facilitate a pass on an asphalt oval racing track. While that may have been their origins, they have come a long way since then. They are now fitted for many different vehicles (typically trucks and SUVs) to get in and out of the vehicle. They also play a role in protecting rocker panels and the bottom of doors when a vehicle is taken off road.