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EBC Performance Brake Kits

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EBC Performance Brake Kits

There are an absolutely a ton of EBC brake kits to choose from, but don't let the amount of options scare you away. EBC brake kits are a combination of their brake pads (Greenstuff, Yellowstuff, Ultimax, and Extra Duty), and their rotors (OEM, Ultimax Slotted, and Sport Dimpled and Slotted). With so many options available, you'll be sure to find the exact EBC performance brake kit for your truck.

EBC Brake Kits – How to Choose
Choosing an EBC brake kit is simple. Basically, choose the brake pads that best fits your driving style, then decide which rotor you want to run. You thought there were going to be more steps? Sorry, that’s all I’ve got for you.

Ultimax Brake Pads – These pads are ideal for the daily-driver car, SUV, or truck. Ultimax pads will deliver a similar braking experience to original equipment. These pads are only available with the EBC Stage 1 RK Ultimax Brake Kit.

GreenStuff Brake Pads – These pads are designed for the drivers looking for a modest upgrade of OE brake pads. If you’re looking for increased brake performance, or every now and then you get a lead foot, these are a great set of pads. These pads are broken up by either 2000 or 6000 Series, with the difference being that the 2000 Series is for cars and light SUVs, while the 6000 Series is for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. These pads are available in the EBC Stage 2 USR Greenstuff 2000 brake kit, the EBC Stage 3 GD Greenstuff 6000 brake kit, the EBC Stage 10 GD Greenstuff 2000 brake kit, the EBC Stage 11 RK Greenstuff 2000 brake kit, and the EBC Stage 14 RK Greenstuff 6000 brake kit.

Green Supreme Brake Pads – These pads are very similar to the GreenStuff line, and offer the same amount of braking power. The major difference between the two is that Green Supreme pads offer much lower dust because of their composition. These pads are only available in the EBC Stage 4 USR Green Supreme brake kits.

YellowStuff Brake Pads – These pads are designed for trucks and SUVs who consistently tow and haul heavy loads. If you need maximum stopping power, YellowStuff is the way to go. These pads are available matched will each type of rotor in the EBC Stage 5 GD Yellowstuff brake kit, EBC Stage 9 USR Yellowstuff brake kit, and the EBC Stage 13 RK Yellowstuff brake kit.

EBC Extra Duty Truck Brake Pads – If YellowStuff doesn’t deliver high enough performance, then Extra Duty Truck pads are meant for you. Designed for the trucks that need the highest level of performance available, these brake pads deliver maximum stopping power with little noise, dust, or rotor wear. These pads are only available in the EBC Stage 8 GD Extra Duty brake kit.

As always, if you still have questions or need some assitance choosing the perfect brake it, don't hesitate to give a call at 877-216-5446. We have people by the phone seven days a week who are always happy to help