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Performance Packages

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aFe Scorcher Power Packages
aFe Scorcher Power Packages
From:  $759.05  
Edge Stage 1 Performance Kit
Edge Stage 1 Performance Kit
From:  $815.95  
Edge Stage 2 Diesel Performance Kit
Edge Stage 2 Performance Kit
From:  $1,189.95  

Performance Packages

Here we list the best performance packages from the leading manufacturers of horsepower and torque. Performance packages are going to increase the fun and drivability of your truck with aftermarket mods selected from the most popular manufacturers. You will getting matching brand, style, and performance from in more ways than one

Once you get your vehicle, you create a build list.
What are the first things on your build list? Intake, Exhaust, and Tuner. Instead of having to search for each of these individually, you can now find them all in the same place, in one convenient bundle. 

Everyone knows the individual benefits of an aftermarket performance mod, but adding those mods together will be the most efficient way of extracting all of the performance out of your vehicle. Most dyno numbers published for a specific intake will be with a specific exhaust installed and vice versa. Most dyno numbers published for a specific tuner will be with an intake & exhaust already installed as well.

Manufacturers have made it easy on you by bundling those products together that will create the most benefit for each other. Other benefits will be matching styling between all products in the performance package, and matching brands.

Edge and AFE performance packages are just the beginning of this list.As more manufacturers add their offerings, will be the first to offer them. After all, each manufacturer knows that the best tuner to go with their intake and exhaust will be their own.