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> Standard and Stepside Truck Beds

Standard and Stepside Truck Beds

This is an image of a standard truck bed.
Standard Truck Bed
Pickup truck terminology can be confusing. For starters, each manufacturer has created their own naming system for their model lines. Then, they also have their own names for truck bed styles. It’s enough to make you go “Uff Da”. No? That’s just a North Dakota thing around here? Okay… 

The point is, understanding industry lingo will help you determine which truck or truck accessory is best for you. When it comes to truck beds there are two basic designs: standard bed and stepside bed. But depending on the automaker, even these names can vary. 

Standard Bed — These are also known as a Fleetside bed, Styleside bed, or a standard cargo box. Available in many sizes, the standard bed features fender wells on the inside of the truck bed. This allows more cargo volume inside the truck bed. So, instead of protruding fender wells, the outside of the truck bed walls are relatively smooth. While this doesn’t affect performance, it can make a difference in which truck bed accessories you choose such as truck bed liners and truck bed extenders. 

This is an image of a stepside truck bed.
Stepside Truck Bed

Stepside Bed — This style of pickup bed is also known as Flareside or Sportside. With this style of pickup truck, the fender well bulge toward the outside of the truck bed. Nowadays pickups with stepside beds are commonly referred to as the sport models of the industry. Why the “step”? Well, many trucks with this style have a built in step between the cab and protruding fender well where there would otherwise be a narrow, empty space. 

While some argue that stepside truck beds are less aerodynamic, the difference between standard and stepside comes down to cosmetic differences in your truck. However, they are actually quite important when it comes to assessing your cargo, hauling, and storage needs over the lifetime of your vehicle. That means they also make a difference when researching price and overall value of the truck. Non-factory add-ons such as tonneau covers, tool boxes, and other cargo needs also converge to help you judge your size needs. So keep these factors in mind when searching for truck bed accessories or even your next truck. Used models qualify for these truck accessories and others such as nerf bars and bug shields as well.