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> The Ultimate Winter Survival Kit for your Pickup

The Ultimate Winter Survival Kit for your Pickup

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For customers who live in areas that see harsh winter conditions, having the right equipment on hand during snowy and icy weather is absolutely essential. Whether you’re traveling over icy roads or heading off-road in frigid conditions, having all or some of the following items stored in your truck will make it easy to overcome potential emergency situations caused by inclement weather.

Image of a hand-crank radio
A hand-crank radio

  • Cell Phone (with charger and extra battery): While nearly everyone carries a mobile phone these days, go the extra mile by having a portable charger on hand to ensure you can stay in communication as long as possible.
  • Blankets: When you’re stranded in cold weather, staying warm should be one of your top priorities. Keep a number of blankets on hand.
  • Solar or Hand Crank Radio: These invaluable devices make sure you can stay abreast of emergency broadcasts.
  • Food: Pack non-perishable provisions such as granola bars, beef jerky, or applesauce.
  • Extra Warm Clothing: Keep extra gloves, hats, coats, and boots on hand to make sure you’re prepared should your clothes get damaged or soaked through.
  • Heat Source:
    Image of an LED flashlight
    LED flashlights are bright, compact, and rugged.
    Candles, along with a metal can to contain them and concentrate their heat, are a reliable heating source. Make sure to keep matches to light your candles, as some lighters may fail in extremely cold weather. Chemical hand warmers make an excellent addition to your survival kit as well.
  • Metal Container: If you are stranded in snowy conditions, a metal container can be used to melt snow for drinking water. Remember, don’t eat snow without melting it first as it can drastically reduce your core temperature.
  • Toilet Paper or Tissues: If you’re stuck for some time, you may want this. 
  • Orange Reflective Vest: If you have to leave your vehicle to find help, wearing this will make you easily noticeable.
  • Tow Straps: Useful for assisting fellow motorists, or being assisted should you need to have your vehicle pulled out of an icy ditch.
  • First Aid Kit: Make sure you’re able to address any minor medical emergencies.
    Image of a first aid kit
    A basic first aid kit
  • Flashlight and Batteries: Essential for navigating dark and unfamiliar environments. If possible, get an LED flashlight for maximum bulb life.
  • Multipurpose Tool: A multi-tool such as a Swiss army knife gives you the ability to address unpredictable circumstances, such as repairing faulty equipment.
  • Compass: Keeping a compass on hand will help keep your sense of direction during an emergency situation.
  • Folding Shovel: Compact and easy to store, this shovel will come in handy should you need to dig your vehicle out of banked up snow.

Storage Solutions: There are several items that can be used to keep your winter survival kit organized and easily accessible. The Highland Truck Cab Organizer mounts easily to the back of your cab, allowing you to easily reach items behind your seat. You can also install the Du-Ha Underseat Storage box to keep items secured, without the risk of them rolling around on the floor. 

Image of a Du-Ha underseat storage unit
A Du-Ha under seat storage unit
Image of a Highland truck cab organizer
Highland's truck cab organizer is a great way to store your winter gear.