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> What is a Utility Track System

What is a Utility Track System

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What is a utility track system? Truck accessory terms can sometimes be a mystery so we've created this quick guide to clear up the meaning behind utility tracks, utility rail systems, and deck rail systems.

If you're looking at installing a utility track, or if one came installed on your vehicle, this is important information to keep in mind when purchasing a truck bed cover, cargo management, rack systems, truck tool boxes, bed extenders, truck bed liners, and more.

When ordering a tonneau cover from our website, there will often be a drop-down box during the checkout process asking you to choose a truck bed with or without cargo management. This cargo management system to which they are referring to is a secondary rail that runs along the inside of the bed and underneath the bed rails, from the bulkhead to the tailgate. It is generally a factory upgrade and is used primarily for managing, tying down, and securing cargo.


Take a look at the pictures below. The one on the left shows the top, inner side of a truck bed with a utility track, and the image on the right illustrates what that looks like without a utility track. 

utility track system research guide

Why does this matter?

Our tonneau manufacturers make special clamps for truck beds equipped with cargo management systems, ultimately (in a lot of cases) giving you two options including "with" or "without" cargo management rails. If your truck is upgraded with a cargo management rail system you want to choose "with" cargo management. If it is not, please choose the option "without" cargo management.

Is it always called a Cargo Management System?

Different manufactures use different names for the cargo management system. For example:

chevy bed cargo system
Chevy - Cargo Management System
Dodge Cargo Rail System
Dodge - Utility Rail System
Ford Bed Rail System
Ford - Cargo Management System


GMC Utility Rails
GMC Cargo Management System
Nissan - Utili-Track System
Nissan - Utili-Track System
Toyota Deck Rail System
Toyota - Deck Rail System