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> What Is A Utility Track System

What Is A Utility Track System

Published Date:
FEBRUARY 2, 2018

In the process of customizing your truck you've probably run into questions such as, "Does your truck have a bed rack system?" or "Do you have a track system in the bed of your truck?" Some trucks come from the dealership equipped with rails running the length of the bed. These rails, often called a utility track system, use sliding cargo adjusters to let you fasten the contents of your bed in multiple positions. Use these pictures to help determine whether or not you have a utility track system. The picture to the left shows the top inside portion of a truck bed with a utility track system, while the one to the right shows a bed without a utility track system.


With Utility Track System

Without Utility Track System

A Toyota Tundra equipped with a deck rail system

A Toyota equipped with a utility track system.

A Toyota Tundra without a deck rail system

The same bed without a utility track system.

Cargo cleats on a Toyota Tundra

Utility track systems are usually equipped with sliding cleats, which are used to manage and secure your cargo.

Toyota Tundra without cargo cleats

A truck without a utility track system won't have sliding cargo cleats.

Is it always called a Utility Track System

Truck manufacturers use varying terms for their versions of a utility track or cargo management system. Have a look at the pictures below to learn about terminology unique to specific makes and models.

Cargo Management System on a GMC Sierra

GMC - Cargo Management System.

Cargo Mangement System on a Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet - Cargo Management System.

Utility Rail System on a Ram 1500

Ram - Utility Rail System.

Cargo Management System on a Ford F-150

Ford - Cargo Management System.

Utili-Track System on a Nissan

Nissan - Utili-Track System.

Deck Rail System on a Toyota Tundra

Toyota - Deck Rail System.