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Range Active Fuel Management Disable Device

Product Information
We're sorry, this product is no
longer available for ordering.

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  • Keeps your vehicle in V8 mode (or V6 mode on certain models)
  • Unleashes the true power of your engine
  • Reduces throttle lag
  • Eliminates annoying cabin drone caused by AFM system coupled with aftermarket exhaust
  • Installs in seconds using your OBD-II port
  • Does not reprogram vehicle's ECU, so need to worry about voiding factory warranty
  • One year warranty

Unleash the power of your engine with a Range active fuel management disable device. This amazing module completely disables the AFM and allows you to drive knowing you have horses under your hood immediately.

Range Technology created the active fuel management disable device with you in mind because they know you bought your V8 for its power. The AFM disabler is great for many different reasons one of those reasons it will improve your passing power and reduces your throttle lag. For you truck owners that want to an aftermarket exhaust system it will eliminate that annoying tone because your truck won't drop two cylinders. The active fuel management disabler also helps reduce and prevent oil consumption on higher mileage vehicles.

Installing the Range active fuel management disable device is couldn't be easier. All you have to do is plug the disabler into your OBD-II Port. Range also gives you a one year replacement guarantee on your AFM disabler.

So if you are tired of your vehicle not living up to his potential, get yourself a Range Technology active fuel management disable device and feel the roar of your engine all the time. Get yours ordered today!

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1 Year Warranty

Range active fuel management disable device comes with a full one year replacement. If you have any questions or would like to start a claim please give our customer service team a call. 


No tools needed for this install all you have to do is plug your Range active fuel management disable device right into your trucks OBD-II port. Range AFM deletes do not work with other performance chips or programmers. If you have any questions please give us a call at 877-216-5446.