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Rigid Q2-Series LED Driving Lights 54431

Product Information
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Beam Pattern:
Driving 45° Beam
6.75" Square | White LEDs 9,000 Lumens | Black Housing | Single 90w Light | 24 LEDs | Surface Mount


  • 90 watt LEDs
  • Light Output = 9000 Lumens
  • 50,000 Hours Lifespan
  • Current Draw = 6.5
  • Operating Range from -40°F to 145°F
  • 6.79"H x 6.75"W x 3.42D
  • Includes plug and play harness w/ switch and mounting bracket w/ hardware

Do you hear that? That my friend is the sound of necks breaking, as heads quickly turn when you drive by. People aren't turning quickly to view just your truck or SUV, nope, they are practically drooling over your new Rigid Industries Q2-Series LED lights! Doesn't that sound nice? Wouldn't you want people to say "Wow, dude you are bad to the bone!!"

Now that we've gotten your attention, let's focus on the stellar benefits you will be getting from your new conversation piece! Make sure to tell everyone that you own an LED light that uses Spector Optics. When they ask you "What do Spector Optics even do?" you can tell them these lights are basically using LEDs with the power of Zeus's lightning. Who wouldn't want added lighting with the power of a Greek God?! All of the lighting that is permitted doesn't bounce around like a bunny on Red Bull either. The beam is focused and won't go all over the place when you are traveling those back roads.

Another thing you may be questioning is, "What can I put this Q2-Series light up against?" Well, assemble ten football players and three rhinoceros' while then placing your kick butt LED in between them. Have them both charge at each other full force and I bet your LED light can stand up to the collision. Since this scenario is probably not a common one, that means you won't have to worry about every day wear and tear from off-roading. Being padded with a vibration insulator, these lights are protected from blows from any uneven roads. With a powder-coated A360 aluminum construction, rest assured that you are getting a product that will last longer than the Energizer bunny.

Every Rigid Industries Q2-Series LED light is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The installation process is so simple it could be done by a five year old. Alright maybe not a five year old, but you get what we are putting down. With a simple plug and play wiring harness and all hardware included, you can install your new light at home while drinking an adult beverage. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any crazy ideas of trying to install the Q2 light on top of your head after a beverage or two. If this does happen however, please send us pictures, we could use a good laugh! Be the hardcore warrior you always knew you could be with a Rigid Q2 LED light!

Beam patterns explained


Truck lighting beam patterns (side-view)
Truck lighting beam patterns (top-view)



What is the difference between driving lights, spot lights, fog lights, and flood lights?

Driving Lights

Often referred to as fog lights, driving lights have a beam that is able to travel a longer distance, but not as wide.  Driving lights perform best when used to supplement your high-beams.  Or they may be aimed lower and supplement your low-beams.

Spot / Off-Road Lights

Spot lights are strictly for off-road usage due to their powerful, tight beam.  Using an array of spot lights will offer more coverage by aiming them at slightly different angles.

Fog Lights

Fog lights are generally mounted low on the vehicle such as the bumper or bumper grille.  The light pattern is very wide, with a flat horizontal cutoff.  When properly aimed, fog lights are the perfect complement to your low-beams.  This is by far the most popular beam pattern and are installed on many vehicles from the factory - though there's always room for improvement by upgrading your existing fog lights.

Flood Lights

Flood lights have a beam pattern that may be similar in width to a fog light, but the beam does not have a horizontal cutoff.  Therefore they are also for off-road use only.  As with spot lights, a mounting location high on the vehicle is ideal.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Did you decide to go Baja-ing through the canyons and you accidently hit a mountain goat? Were you and your friends practicing your gun-wielding skills and you accidently shot out your Rigid Industries Q2-Series LED light? If you did either of these things, your purchase probably won’t be covered under warranty (But you probably already knew that) However, if there are any defects in material or workmanship Rigid will honor your warranty based upon their awesome warranty rules listed below:
0 - 60 Days: Rigid Industries will repair or replace the defective product at its sole discretion. If it is repaired, all parts, labor, and return shipping are covered by Rigid Industries.
61 Days - 1 Year: The defective product is eligible for repair only. All parts, labor, and return shipping are covered by Rigid Industries.
After 1 Year: The customer is responsible for labor costs. All parts and return shipping are covered by Rigid Industries.



Step 1: Buy yourself a "hey you are awesome gift" aka the Rigid Industries Q2-Series LED lights
Step 2: Scream really loudly with joy when it arrives at your door
Step 3: Be like a kid on Christmas while ripping open the package and probably looking past the installation instructions
Step 4: Don't be too cool to read the easy to read installation instructions (THEY WILL HELP YOU!)
Step 5: Easily install your Q2-Series light by following the instructions at the comfort of your own home
Step 6: If for some reason the installation instructions look like hieroglyphics to you, please give us a call 877-216-5446