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Lund Molded Running Boards
Lund Molded Running Boards
From:  $304.99  
Westin HDX Running Boards
Westin HDX Running Boards
From:  $449.99  

Running Boards

We're intimately aware of the fact that Chevy owners take their trucks and SUVs seriously.  From the way they perform to how they look, Chevrolet drivers are all about function and style.  That's why RealTruck carries Chevy Running Boards that look great on your pickup as well as give you the best non-slip surface for getting in and out of your vehicle.  We're dedicated to making sure you get the best from our company so we'll send each pair to you and pay the cost for shipping ourselves.  We're looking for lifelong customers and we know our wide selection is a 'step up' in the right direction!

Features and Benefits
We're in the business of bringing you the best when it comes to Chevy running boards.  We do this by having a large selection and unmatched variety.  People come to us when they want Chevy step boards that are unique and different from other online retailers.

The most logical solution to making it easier to get in and out of your high clearance ride is to get a step of some sort.  Step boards have been around for decades giving drivers and riders a sturdy and steady surface to utilize when getting in and out of the cab of their pickup of SUV.  It's only reasonable to expect that after this many years in the business, brands have perfected the art of making the perfect truck running boards.  We won't lie and tell you that all step boards for sale today are of the finest quality, but what we will tell you is that the Chevy running boards we sell on have gone through our rigorous testing, quality control and meet our standards for warranty and customer service follow up from the brand manufacturers.  It's a requirement all our products must reach!  

We offer over 25 different styles in both cab length and wheel to wheel options.  We also carry product lines that offer our consumers the option of buying cab only running boards or getting bed sections ordered specifically for your Chevy.  It's all about customizing your order to fit the needs of your truck, van, crossover or sport utility vehicle.Running Board for Chevy Trucks

Chevy running boards for your truck or other vehicle are unique in that they can be ordered lighted and even powered.  Lighted running boards are a wonderful way to add extra security to your vehicle when getting in and out.  Making a safe landing strip for exiting and entering the cab.

Powered step boards are ones that can retract under the chassis of your pickup, van, SUV or CUV after you close the door.  They're up and out of the way while you cruise down the road making them virtually undetectable!

Chevy Running Board Style
We know, we know.  If you don't look good, we don't look good.  A phrase once uttered by a famous philosopher, right?  It does hold a kernel of truth, though.  We sincerely do want you to look great when you pull out of your driveway or while you're even parked in it, waiting for your next secret agent assignment.  Chevy running boards can add a lot of change and flair to your ride with very little effort on your part.

RealTruck offers a TON of different materials when it comes to running boards and each has their own look.  Choose from black, classic chrome, diamond plate aluminum, running boards with molded ABS plastic grip pads and accents, stainless steel, raw steel (great for finishing and painting) and even extruded aluminum.  We weren't kidding about painting your Chevy truck steps.  We have a lot of customers who specifically order the raw steel boards to do that very thing. 

Learn more about our side step boards with our Running Board Research Guide.  You can also get updated on the difference between nerf bars and running boards in our Comparison Guide.  

We're The Experts You Can Count On
Because we've been doing this for over 15 years, we feel pretty qualified in saying we're experts at it.  Being Chevy owners helps a bit when it comes to giving you a hand or two when it comes to ordering as well.  Give us a call at 877-216-5446 if you need help with any Chevy running board product questions or want to talk about any Chevy Accessories in general.

Make sure you check out our Chevy Silverado 1500 running boards, Chevy Silverado 2500 running boards and our Chevy C/K 1500 pickup running boards.  We're enthusiastic about trucks and it shows!

How we feel about Chevys summed up in a video.  Yeah.. they're kind of like family.