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Westin HDX Drop Steps
Westin HDX Drop Steps
Only:  $399.99  
Westin Stainless R7 Running Boards
Westin Stainless R7 Running Boards
From:  $529.99  
Westin Black R7 Running Boards
Westin Black R7 Running Boards
From:  $429.99  
Westin HDX Xtreme Running Boards
Westin HDX Xtreme Running Boards
Only:  $429.99  
Westin Black R5 Running Boards
Westin Black R5 Running Boards
From:  $359.99  
Westin Molded Running Boards
Westin Molded Black Running Boards
From:  $360.65  
Westin Thrasher Running Boards
Westin Thrasher Running Boards
From:  $479.99  
Westin HDX Running Boards
Westin HDX Running Boards
From:  $449.99  

Westin Running Boards

Made right here in the USA for over 30 years, Westin Running Boards are a product you can be proud to put on your vehicle. Trust is a commodity these days and if it could be packaged it would come in the shape of a Westin brand product. Their motto revolves around their products looking good and working great for the long haul.
Side step boards are no exception. RealTruck takes extra measure to ensure you get the best Westin products available to you. They’re custom fit to the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Not only that, you get our awesome customer service. The cherry on top – get ready, because it’s a big one – is free shipping for all our customers located in the continental United States. It’s a huge savings for you!

Westin side step boards are built to fit your truck or SUV’s cab section and can come either lighted or in regular styles. That’s right! We carry Westin running boards that light up the step so you can see where you are landing. It’s sort of like a mini runway for your feet. You can pretend you’re the control tower and your left foot is a Boeing 747 coming in for a landing. It’s a perfect touchdown each and every time. Just make sure you keep track of your own landing gear.Westin Running Board on a Truck

The wide stepping area on Westin’s running boards make for a safe, non-slip gripping zone so you won’t be moving around when you’re getting in and out of the cab of your vehicle. The added step takes the strain off your back, knees, and thighs. While we all enjoy a workout, it’s sometimes inappropriate when trying to simply go to pick up the kids from school.

Westin doesn’t mess around when it comes to construction. With materials like extruded aluminum and molded ABS, you know you’re getting quality that lasts the lifetime of your vehicle. No drilling is required on most models for vehicles. If drilling is required on your truck’s undercarriage, it will be noted in the instructions.

Go Westin Young Man…
… or woman as the case may be. And if you’re already a fan of Westin products, we’re glad to have you on board. These styles are pretty unique in they add the optional lighted to the ABS running boards and have the molded black end caps on the extruded aluminum running boards. Both offer a sleek look that many other companies try to imitate, but never duplicate.

We’re Waiting For You to Call
If ordering online isn’t your cup of tea (or spiced chai) we’re happy to talk with you on the phone. Call 877-216-5446. We have highly trained professional truck ninjas ready to handle any of your questions about Westin running boards or any other side step products.

Oops! Did we say ninjas? We meant to say “regular old customer service representatives who haven’t been trained for secret ninja black ops missions for the shadow government.” That is totally what we meant to say. Carry on!