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> Seat Cover Materials and Fitments

Seat Cover Materials and Fitments

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Whether you’re sprucing up a used vehicle or protecting the seats of your brand new ride, seat covers are an inexpensive way to customize your interior and prevent damage to upholstery. Choosing the right seat cover can seem difficult due to the myriad of materials and fitment options available. Our guide will help you narrow in on the best seat cover for your ride.

Seat Cover Materials List

Image of a neoprene seat cover
A neoprene seat cover
  • Neoprene: Combining durability, comfort, and affordability, neoprene is perhaps the most popular seat cover material on the market today.

  • Saddle Blanket: Saddle blanket covers are exceptionally durable. A great choice for a vehicle that sees lots of entries and exits throughout the day, such as a work or delivery vehicle.

  • Tweed: Soft and flexible, tweed seat covers provide great comfort and are available in a wide variety of color patterns.

  • Leather: Leather seat covers provide durability, a luxurious appearance, and are the absolute pinnacle of comfort.

  • Suede: Similar in durability to leather, suede is a great choice if you like the comfort of leather but prefer a softer surface.
    Image of Caltrend Camo seat covers
    Caltrend camo seat covers

  • Canvas: The woven fabric can withstand a lot of punishment. A great upside to canvas is that it can be washed in a washing machine, just like laundry.

  • Cordura: This water-resistant fabric is popular with everyone from outdoorsmen to U.S soldiers. It’s easy to clean, difficult to damage, and comfortable.

  • Cotton: Cotton is similar to canvas in terms of durability and washability. Unlike canvas, there are plush cotton covers available which are exceptionally comfortable.

  • Leatherette: This imitation leather material doesn’t ventilate as well as the genuine article, but it is far more resistant to cracking and fading.

  • Nylon: The porous construction of nylon keeps seats cool, even in hot summer weather. Nylon is often used in the production of mesh seat covers.
    Image of Coverking spacer mesh seat cover
    Mesh seat covers from Coverking

  • Poly-Cotton: This combines the elasticity and affordability of polyester, with the breathability and comfort of cotton. Popular in the construction of camo seat covers.

  • Polyester: Polyester is relatively inexpensive, durable, and stretchable. This material is popular in the construction of heated seat covers.

  • Velour: This polyester variant features a plush, slightly fuzzy finish similar to suede.

  • Vinyl: Resistant to water damage and stains, vinyl seat covers provide exceptional protection for your vehicle’s upholstery.

Seat Cover Fitments

Image of an Aries Seat Defender
An Aries Seat Defender canvas seat cover with universal fitment
Custom: For the best possible fitment and ease of installation, custom seat covers are the way to go. These covers are application specific; they’re designed to fit the exact contours of your vehicle’s seats, providing a sharp, OEM-style look.

Semi-Custom: A semi-custom seat cover provides seat protection and a custom appearance at a lower price than most custom seat covers. Since they aren’t application specific, installation may be a little more difficult and the appearance of your seat may be more generic.

Universal: These seat covers are engineered so that one part number can fit a number of different vehicles. This fitment style is common among heavy duty seat covers that sacrifice some comfort for increased protection.

Pet Seat Covers:
Image of Pro-heat heated seat cushion
Pro-heat heated seat cover
A special style of universal seat covers, these are designed to protect your vehicle’s seats from the damage and staining hazards presented from transporting a pet. They go on and come off quickly, and are easy to wash.

Seat Heaters: Strictly speaking, these items are more akin to pads than full seat covers. They feature heating elements which plug into a 12 volt power supply and provide a warm, cozy seat in frigid weather.