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ProHeat Heated Seat Cover
ProHeat Heated Seat Cover
Only:  $85.59  $106.99
ProHeat Heated Seat Cushion
ProHeat Heated Seat Cushion
Only:  $89.24  $104.99

Seat Heaters

Whether it’s been a long day or you need to warm up, heated seat covers are a comforting solution. Whether by remote or by automatic start with your ride, heated seat covers are a luxury that anyone can afford. They heat up in less than two minutes, are compatible with any vehicle, and come with free shipping.

RealTruck is located in North Dakota, so we know all types of cold from chilly to cuts like a knife, bitter, sub-zero cold. There’s an element of uncontrollable jitter and muscle tension going from indoors out to a vehicle. But, when there are seat heaters involved it’s a different story. Just when you feel like your eyelashes could be covered in frost, your truck greets you with a perfectly toasty seat. Warm, but never too hot, your muscles will relax and think of shivering as an outdoors only problem. Warning: Momentary thoughts of pity or mockery for those who still drive with a non-heated seat may occur.