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Vinyl Seat Covers

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Northwest Total Vinyl Seat Covers
Northwest Total Vinyl Seat Covers
From:  $167.99  $223.99
CalTrend Carbon Fiber Seat Covers
CalTrend Carbon Fiber Seat Covers
From:  $158.95  

Vinyl Seat Covers

Not quite the same as the stuff they make records out of, our vinyl seat covers are totally waterproof and extremely easy to keep clean. The beauty of vinyl is that it’s also made tough, which translates into seat covers that will provide long-lasting protection for your upholstery. We think you’ll be happy with how these fit your seats and just as delighted that they come with free shipping.

Claims can feel iffy. But, we’ve hand-picked our covers to make sure they hold up true. They’ll fit the way you expect them to without big puffs or gaps. These vinyl covers offer a suped-up look that do not wear out or stain as easily as cloth fabrics. Cheaper than leather, vinyl seat covers are an easy way to class up and protect your existing car seats. To keep them going long and strong, use an appropriate vinyl cleaner and conditioner as directed. So, you’ll be riding in comfort no matter how long you’re on the road.