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Electric Snow Plows

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Meyer Home Plow
Meyer Home Plow
From:  $1,349.00  
K2 Snow Plows
K2 Snow Plows
From:  $1,759.99  $2,199.99
SnowBear ProShovel Snow Plow
SnowBear ProShovel Snow Plow
From:  $1,914.99  
SnowBear Snow Plows
SnowBear Home Series Snow Plows
From:  $1,699.99  
K2 Avalanche Snow Plow
K2 Avalanche Snow Plow
From:  $1,372.74  $1,614.99
Meyer Drive Pro Snow Plow
Meyer Drive Pro Snow Plow
From:  $5,255.00  

Electric Snow Plows

When winter turns cold and snowy, don’t be left outside with nothing but a shovel and a sore back just to keep driveways clear. Our electric snow plows are a fantastic solution to take back the roads and take the pain out of snow removal! These plows feature corrosion resistant blades with the kind of durability needed to withstand harsh climates. We offer the best electric snow plows from top brands including Meyer, K2, and SnowBear - all with free shipping.
Why Choose Electric?
When it comes to choosing a type of snow plow, electric snow plows are the perfect combination of power and dependability. They make a great option for truck owners who are serious about snow removal. Instead of spending hours outside clearing powder off the driveway, take it easy behind the wheel while showing winter who’s the boss.
Thanks to their convenient electronic controls, adjusting the direction and angle of the blade is done from behind the wheel. This means no more getting out of the vehicle just to make manual adjustments! All the wireless controls necessary are included with every electric snow plow.
Peace of mind also comes with an electric snow plow. Since all the parts are based on an electrical system, there’s no need to worry about a hose bursting and fluid running out onto the garage floor. There’s also no need to worry about the snow plow freezing up, as some snow plows do, when just a few drops of water gets into the fluid.
With some models, there are also varying blade sizes to choose from. The best size to go with will depend on the size of the area needing snow removal and, of course, the type of vehicle that will mount the snow plow.
Installing an electric snow plow on a truck or sports utility vehicle will take a small amount of time and effort. Generally speaking, installation can be completed without needing to call a mechanic. An advantage that these plows have over their hydraulic counterparts is their simple assembly process. This is due to their having a wireless control and less complex mechanical workings than their non-electrical counterparts. Some of our electric plows simply attach to a front receiver-hitch (don’t worry, we have a great selection of those too). With all of our electric snow plows anyone can attach and remove their snowplow quickly and easily!
Unbeatable Customer Service
We’re convinced that our customer loyalty team is made up exclusively of super-heroes in disguise. The things they are able to do for our customers every day is nothing short of heroic and are really something incredible to witness. For questions and other help, such as settling a bet with someone over who won the 1968 Stanley Cup, we’ve got answers. Give us a call at 877-216-5446! We make absolutely certain that our customers are treated right and are satisfied with their RealTruck experience or we’ll eat our own socks. That’s our promise..
More Resources
Whichever snow plow brand or model is chosen, there is no way to go wrong. We only stock quality products that we fully believe in. That’s why our customers know they are making a wise investment when purchasing from us. For more information on the different types of plows we have available, we recommend checking out our full snow plow research guides.