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> How To Mount A Snow Plow

How To Mount A Snow Plow

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If you’re thinking of purchasing a snow plow to combat the snow, you’ve probably been wondering if you can handle the installation process. Depending on the brand of plow in question, there are a few different methods used to attach a snow plow to your truck. In this guide, we’ll review the most popular mounting methods to help you pick the right plow for your needs.

Image of a Meyer home plow
Meyer's home plow mounts to a front receiver hitch

Hitch-Mounted Plows

A popular method for mounting plows intended for personal use, hitch-mounted snow plows attach to a receiver hitch on your vehicle. Plows such as the Meyer Home Plow employ this simple mounting method since it allows the plow to be installed and removed quickly. While usually found on the front of a vehicle, some plows such as the Snowsport LT can be attached to a rear-mounted hitch. If you’re getting a plow for personal use, it will probably use a hitch mount.

Image of a Firsttrax Prosumer snow plow
A frame-mounted plow from Firsttrax

Frame Mounted Plows

Heavy duty plow manufacturers such as Firstrax create application-specific brackets which attach directly to the frame of a truck. These brackets in turn attach to the plow, usually providing at least two points of contact rather than the single point found on a hitch mount. This is the preferred method of mounting large, heavy plows that are used for commercial purposes. If you plan on getting into the snow plowing business, this is the mounting style you’ll need.