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Hitch Mounted Snow Plows

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Meyer Home Plow
Meyer Home Plow
From:  $1,499.99  
SnowSport HD Utility Snow Plow
SnowSport HD Utility Snow Plow
From:  $1,500.00  
SnowBear ProShovel Snow Plow
SnowBear ProShovel Snow Plow
From:  $1,914.99  
SnowSport 180 Utility Snow Plow
SnowSport 180 Utility Snow Plow
Only:  $1,145.00  
SnowBear Snow Plows
SnowBear Home Series Snow Plows
From:  $1,699.99  
SnowBear Salt Spreader
SnowBear Salt Spreader
Only:  $849.99  
SnowSport LT Utility Snow Plow
SnowSport LT Utility Snow Plow
From:  $1,224.00  

Hitch Mounted Snow Plows

If you woke up today thinking your life would be better if it had a hitch-mounted snow plow, then we have to say, you're exactly right. You’re also exactly where you need to be to make that dream come true. We have SnowSport, SnowBear, Meyer, and more brands from which to choose and we won’t even charge for shipping.
How cool is that? Cool like…a cold day in winter.
Hitch-mounted snow plows are made to move a lot of snow quickly and easily without any fuss. Just hitch it up and start moving that white stuff around like the boss of the tundra. If cold weather and blizzards used to get you down, then those days are over. Now you’ll be itching for the next snowstorm just to bust out your super awesome plow! 
When purchasing a plow that mounts to your hitch, getting a quality-made item from a trustworthy company is important. At RealTruck, we know our snow plow because we live with snow and snowstorms nine months out of the year. We’ve tested and used these plows again and again. We can even give our own opinions on what works best and which ones are not worth the time of day. That’s how we’ve been able to pick the best personal hitch mounted snow plows on the market today.
When you’re looking for the best hitch-mounted snow plow, you’ve got plenty of features to consider! Will you go with a manual model, or a hydraulic controlled option? A manual option comes with the benefit of being simpler and lightweight, while a hydraulic plow can be raised, lowered, and turned from the warmth and comfort of your vehicle’s cab. One thing they both have in common, however, is their ability to move a lot of snow like it’s nobody’s business.
We stock these types of plows to fit a range of vehicles, including pickup trucks, sports utility vehicles, crossovers, and vans. For more information on which type of plow would be best to fit your needs, take a look at our snow plow research guides
The design and operation of these plows is surprisingly simple. Check out our video below to see one of our snow plows that mounts to a front hitch. If it looks like we’re having a fun playing in the snow, it’s because we are.
Successfully installing a hitch-mounted snow plow requires some time and a front receiver hitch, but is fairly easy to carry out. Convenient installation directions are included with every plow we sell. Please note that if you do not already have one on your vehicle, check to see if one is included with the plow you’d like to purchase or consider choosing one separate with your order.
Unbeatable Customer Care
We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but our customer loyalty team consistently impresses us each and every day with their extensive product knowledge and tireless commitment to our customers. Our number one goal is to ensure total customer satisfaction with everything you choose to buy from us, and a big part of that is making sure we’re here to help in case you have questions or need any assistance.