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SnowBear Snow Plows

SnowBear Snow Plows, Parts, and Accessories

Keep paths clear all winter long with our full line-up of SnowBear snow plows, parts and accessories. Now there’s no need to get up early to shovel through cold, thick snow banks or worse -pay someone else to do it. Save time and money with the plow that removes snow up to 50 times faster than the average snow blower! These snow plows are compatible with most trucks and SUVs and are available in 4 styles using an electric winch, an electric actuator, or a fully hydraulic model, most of which are available in blade sizes of 82”, 84” and 88”. Read More

9 Products

9 Products

SnowBear snow plows are made to fit a wide range of trucks and SUVs that have a 2” front receiver (must be purchased separately). But, what sets these plows apart from the competition is their relatively lightweight steel construction that is backed by a one year warranty against any defects in materials and craftsmanship. All SnowBear plow blades are fully welded and powder-coated. This creates a strong blade that will withstand severe winter conditions for many winters to come.

SnowBear snow plow kits are more than a dependable blade. Every model comes with deflectors that prevent plowed snow from flying up to the windshield. They also come with skid shoes for the bottom of the blade, which act as a guard against bare ground spots. And, of course, every snow plow kit comes with a pair of regulation plow markers to help keep track of the side ends of the plow blade. Other features include SnowBear’s hidden bolt-on mount and rugged scraping edges.


To install, these plows require only some basic wrenches and the ability to follow step-by-step instructions. Then, get behind the wheel and choose to raise or lower the blade with the touch of a button on a wireless remote. To experience the most ease of use, we also carry SnowBear’s caster wheels. These attach to the sides of the plow blade for easier removal and installation. For those who may be removing snow in low visibility we carry lighting kits. Lastly, if using with a lifted truck, take a look at one of our snow plow lowering kits. These enable compatibility between SnowBear snow plows and lifted trucks.

For more information, please check out our snow plow research guides. For questions or further assistance, please give us a call at 877-216-5446.