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SnowSport Polaris 54" ATV/ UTV Snow Plow 40054/AG-60055

Product Information
Our Price: $874.00
Part #:40054/AG-60055
Snow Plow Size:SnowSport 54" ATV/ UTV Snow Plow w/ 1.5" Receiver Mount
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  • Blade is 54" wide x 14.25" tall
  • Includes aluminum blade with 1" thick rubber cutting edge
  • Includes push frame
  • Includes angling interceptor
  • Includes 1.5" receiver hitch
  • Includes mounting hardware


The SnowSport ATV snow plow is a versatile and innovative plow that turns your ATV or UTV into a winter snow clearing monster. It mounts to the front of your ATV using the included 1.5" front receiver mount, which is easy to install and is included with your order. You also have the option of ordering with a 2" receiver adapter for your UTV.

The blade on the SnowSport snow plow is activated by the forward momentum of your vehicle. It's more nimble than a full-size snowplow, but no less effective at keeping heavy snowfalls out of your way. It also doesn't have any complex electrical or hydraulic components that can potentially freeze or malfunction, ensuring dependable performance no matter how harsh climate conditions get.

The lightweight design of these ATV snow plows make it easy as can be to move around, yet its tough construction and corrosion resistance ensure it will last you for years. It has an appealing aesthetic design, and the rubber cutting edge prevents damage to pavement, black top, gravel, grass, and other similar surfaces. The anodized aluminum blade is built to be tough, and is designed to maximize your snow removal capabilities with your all-terrain vehicle. offers the SnowSport ATV snow plow in six different widths, starting at 48" and going all the way up to 78", so you're sure to find a size that's perfect for your ATV or UTV. This snow plow is made in the USA and is an ideal solution to help you save both time and strain shoveling snow in the winter, plus it ships free to any home or business in the continental United States.

Check out the Snowsport ATV & UTV plow in action



Order Notes

Non-returnable product The SnowSport HD snow plows are custom made to order. Custom built "made to order" products are non-returnable except in the case of warranty. If you have any questions or need help ordering, please call 877-216-5446.

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  • Polaris 500 Sportsman Touring | 2005 - 2013
  • Polaris 500 Sportsman Twin 4WD | 2005 - 2013
  • Polaris 500 Sportsman X2 | 2005 - 2013
  • Polaris 570 Sportsman | 2014
  • Polaris 800 Sportsman EFI | 2011 - 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the SnowSport install to my ATV?  The SnowSport utility snow plow push frame (which the blade hangs on) attaches to a 1.5" receiver hitch mount.  The push frame for the plow just hooks up like a ball mount. 
  2. How difficult is it to assemble and install the SnowSport snow plow?  The SnowSport blade and push frame are easy to assemble and come with step by step instructions that fully explain assembly and installation.  Plan about 30 minutes depending on your mechanical skill. 
  3. How difficult is it to install a front 1.5" ATV hitch mount?  The front end hitches are designed to bolt in place.  The instructions are clear cut. The front receiver hitch is mounted to the ATV and the push frame is plugged into the front receiver hitch. The plow simply hangs on the push frame.
  4. Can I install the SnowSport ATV plow myself?  YES, the instructions are very clear cut. If you do need assistance, call 1-877-216-5446 or 701-253-5906. Our customers overwhelmingly say "it was simple and easy to install".
  5. How easy is the SnowSport Personal ATV plow to hook-up or un-hook between jobs?  It's very easy. Just insert the push frame into the front receiver hitch and secure with pin. Then hang the blade one end at a time onto the push frame (can be done in less than a minute). Unhooking is just as easy.  You can also leave the blade in the transport position on the push frame all winter long.
  6. How do you switch from transporting to plowing or from plowing to transporting?  The operator must manually unhook the plow and lower it for plowing. For transporting simply lift the blade, one side at a time, onto the push frame.  You can also leave the blade in the transport position on the push frame all winter long.
  7. How can the SnowSport ATV  plow operate without hydraulics?  The blade is secured by the push frame. As you push the snow, the blade travels up and down as needed by gravity pushing the snow with the rubber cutting edge and aluminum blade. The rubber cutting edge is designed to cut through the snow but pass over the harder ground surfaces below and be gentle on grass. When you back up, the blade automatically lays back, skimming over the surface. Then you drive forward and the blade re-engages for plowing.
  8. How well does the rubber cutting edge hold up?  The rubber cutting edge is 1" thick 6" high - made of a hard rubber compound. This has been tested and proven to provide years of service. It can be easily replaced when it finally wears out.
  9. What is the warranty?  The plow has a 1 year limited warranty. See the owner's manual for details.
  10. Can I move the SnowSport from one ATV to another?  Yes, the plow can be easily transferred to another ATV, all you need is a front 1.5" receiver hitch installed on that ATV.   The plow angling interceptor fits into a 1.5" receiver hitch.  Hitch Adapters Part#: AG-50510 are available and sold separately to allow the interceptor to fit a 2" hitch.
  11. How much does the plow weigh?  All together the plow, pushframe, and hitch weighs about 80-100 Pounds. (depending on blade width) 

How It Works

SnowSport ATV Snow Plow SnowSport Plow In Plowing Position
The SnowSport's unique design locks the blade in the plowing position and uses gravity to run up and down the push frame
SnowSport ATV Snow Plow SnowSport Plow Pushing Snow
The snow blade is designed to roll the snow forward eliminating the need for a taller blade or snow deflector
SnowSport ATV Snow Plow SnowSport Plow Disengaged Backing Up
Blade tilts back when you back up


The Snowsport ATV plow is just as easy to put together as most Lego kits.  A detailed instruction manual is included and has easy to follow step by step instructions.  It should only take you about 30-45 minutes to assemble your plow. For installation or automotive history questions, please call us toll free. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week.

PDF Icon SnowSport 40066/AG-60055 Installation Instructions

1 Year Warranty on Plow/3 Year Warranty on Rubber Blade Portion

SnowSport® Snow Plow Limited Warranty

Agri-Cover, Inc. extends the following limited warranty on its SNOWSPORT snow plow to the original retail purchaser of any SNOWSPORT Utility Plows purchased after April 1, 2010:

Agri-Cover, Inc. warrants its SNOWSPORT Utility Plow to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for one (1) year from date of manufacture unless accompanied by proof of purchase and separately warrants only the Rubber Blade Portion of the SNOWSPORT Utility Plow to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for three (3) years from date of manufacture unless accompanied by proof of purchase.

ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY APPLICABLE TO THE SNOWSPORT UTILITY PLOW IS LIMITED IN DURATION TO ONE (1) YEAR FROM THE DATE OF MANUFACURE UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY PROOF OF PURCHASE AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY APPLICABLE ONLY TO THE RUBBER BLADE PORTION OF THE SNOWSPORT UTILITY PLOW IS LIMITED IN DURATION TO THREE (3) YEARS FROM THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE UNLESS ACCOMANIED BY PROOF OF PURHCASE. Agri-Cover’s sole obligation under this warranty or any implied warranty is limited to the repair or replacement at its option, of defective parts only. No labor or service allowance is given or implied. IN NO EVENT SHALL AGRI-COVER, INC. BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR SPECIAL DAMAGES. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or exclusions of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.

For warranty performance call our Customer Service Department at 877-216-5446 to determine if a replacement part is needed or if the product needs to be returned for inspection and repair. Warranty registration must be on file and/or proof of original purchase (detailed and dated receipt) required for warranty to be effective. Goods to be returned must have a pre-authorized RA # (Returned Authorization Number) – obtained by calling the number above. Agri-Cover will pay freight to return goods to sender.

This limited warranty does not cover any failure due to abuse, misuse, alteration, neglect, improper assembly or installation, or improper maintenance.

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.


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